My Redemption Against the JW's

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  • Pathofthorns

    I enjoyed that post. YOu can be sure those young men will not forget what they heard you say and when they are doing their own "research" one day your words will be very clear to them.

    The old guy knows exactly about what you are talking about, but for guys like that there is little hope. Good job for standing up to them.


  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    Wow, do you wear a cape under your street clothes? You are my hero!


  • scumrat

    Reborn, That was awesome !!! I would have loved to see their faces.

  • out4good3


    YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!!!!

    I was in a California mall with my wife and we came across a table that had a couple of 'hovahs" peddling their magazines and tracts. How I would've loved to lay into them like you did when we passed by, but to preserve the comfortable truce which me and my wife have developed, I held my tongue. She stopped to talk to them while I kept right on walking.

    She knows by now that I will not tolerate any guilt tripping or emotional blackmail with regards to me or our son going back to that nonsense. I refuse to have every decision in my life filtered through what the brothers may think.

    I recently introduced my now studying BIL to the WT involvement in the UN to which he immediately attributed as media hype and propaganda. He tried explaining it away as saying that even the Taliban was rumoured to be a part of the UN. Didn't have the heart to tell him that the WT involvement was no rumour and that proof was posted all over the net exposing their hypocrisy. It's only a matter of time before this subject comes up between us again, so , I'm arming myself with printouts of all the proof I can find.

  • Nanoprobe

    Way to go Reborn

    My husband often flies out of an airport that has a "Witness table". He always gives them grief, last time there were two middle age sisters and he asked them specifically about a child molester who had been convicted in the local congregation. They were aware of it but told my husband, "It was handled." Actually it was handled but by the police when he raped a "worldly" girl and so my husband asked them how many girls he had molested in the congregation before the police were involved? And he asked them if they realized that the elders would not warn them if a molester was present in the hall and therefore they could not protect their children. Then he asked about the Dateline show and yes, the women had seen it. Again their answer was, "It was handled." He reasoned with them for about 15 minutes and later as his plane was late he went back to the booth, but the sisters had left.

    I truly salute all those articulate and courageous enough to make this stand.

  • freedom96

    I think that situation worked out perfect. It must be hard for a witness to hear the real "truth" and not at least be a little bit affected by it.

    Doubt must creep in at some point.

  • undercover

    Hey Reborn, You seemed to have worked out a little of that anger that I accused you of having. I see now that you have gone thru what I am now going thru. You're responding to them as you did was good. After all, the elder went on the offensive, not you. But I don't know if it would be good for xjws to verbally attack evey jw they come in contact with unless provoked. I lean to the ole "live and let live" way of thinking unless pushed into a corner. Then you fight back or defend your position as you did. I just bring this up to try to help others to think before ripping into some poor unsuspecting jw standing around a Wal-Mart

  • Shakita


    You kicked butt! That moronic boob of an elder had that coming to him. He invited that pasting by opening the door to it. Most JW elders think that they are the next best thing to God. I hope that what you said had some impact on the young JW's there. I'm sure what you said will get them thinking. I too am pissed off that I was duped for 25 years by these losers. I too am pissed off that they continue to ruin peoples lives by the disfellowshipping policy. I hope when I get the opportunity I can have the same effect that you had.

    Mr. Shakita

  • LDH


    It's amazing isn't it? The JWs go from holding such a position of prominence in our lives, to being sad and pathetic individuals that most of us feel sorry for.

    Can you imagine, you were the talk of the car group on the way home. LOL.


    Your Sister in Crime Class

  • Elsewhere

    I was looking at old posts and came across this one...

    Reborn2002... in the words of Cartman... Kick A$$ !!!

    I am noticing an interesting pattern... if you confront someone who is street witnessing, they go away. Hmmmm

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