Attack, attack, attack

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  • Farkel

    : So hey, what do we expect from evil doers.

    : You are not good people!!!!!

    : You are bad people.

    You've got a very good point there, and I'd like to say something nice about the WTS. I need a little help from you, though.

    Could you please be so kind as to tell me some "nice" things to say about people who rape little children, ruin their entire lives and then ruin their lives again when those raped children cry out for help and justice?

    Any little help in that area would be appreciated. I'm sure you can find something "nice" to say about that.


  • WildHorses


    show me one post where I have attacked anyone. The JW's are the ones who say every vile thing about us ex jw's for leaving their man made religion.

    I am a good person, and so are many others on this forum. As I now look back, I was not a very good person while I was a JW, because I would judge people who were not JW's agreeing with other jw's that they would die when the world ended.

    Go look in you Kingdom Hall library. Read all the old books and then come back here and tell us we are bad.

    The JW religion is the bad one. They have a yo-yo religion. Flip flopping back and forth in what they teach.


  • Englishman

    Ken P, S4K, Dismembered,

    Many thanks for the kind comments. Maybe I should start a seperate steam train thread?


  • LB

    NO, please continue to post steam engines here. Gives us something else to do besides attacking people.

  • TheStar


    Glad to hear there are those out there whom work on preserving some of those old engines. Love the pic, what a beauty!

  • Englishman

    Oh, OK.

    This is the Mallard, the fastest steam engine of all time, it got the world record before the war and is still steamed up sometimes. Bit like me..?

  • Crazy151drinker


    Relax, take a deep breath, it will be ok!! We just want to know how you plan to punish all of the molestors that are hanging around in your KH without sending them to jail??? Unless, perhaps your a molestor, in that case please go away.

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  • Trauma_Hound
  • stichione

    Stick around here long enough and you'll become an apostate too.
    By the way, I you get caught for visiting this site you will be df'd. You are sinning this very minute. Pray to Jehovah for forgiveness then confess to the local elders.

  • TruckerGB

    Hey Eman,thats the Severn Vally railways Standard five,the station its stood at is Bridgenorth.

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