Demonised Smurf Doll

by CrazyArms 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Jim_TX

    "I collect wee smurfs and trolls

    and any other toy I wasn't allowed to have growing up."

    I hear that! I have one or two trolls around the house... and I think that there is a smurf lounging around too.

    I remember wanting the troll dolls when they were first popular in the '60s... nope... gotta get rid of them.


    Jim TX

  • momzcrazy

    My brother gave my daughter a Jerry Bear. Threw it away when it shredded all our magazines we had on the coffee table. But then it just jumped up and ran away, headed for the Kingdom Hall. I think it finally died when a semi hit it on the highway.


  • MissingLink

    Oh yes, that story spread like crazy. Remember this was before mobile phones and the internet. How did it spread so well?

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I have a confession to make, back in 1989 I was high on PCP I dressed up in blue and painted my body in blue paint I wanted to be blue boy but when I ran down to the local kingdumb hall I was yelling at the speaker and they all thought I was a demon smurf, sorry it was me!

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