Demonised Smurf Doll

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  • CrazyArms

    Is anyone out there familiar with the now almost legendery JW "true" story about the demon possessed smurf doll that got up and stormed out of the watchtower study screaming "that's a load of crap" in response to an answer to a question being given by a brother concerning the final destruction of Satan? I'm also interested to learn of any similar incidences. - CrazyArms

  • Roamingfeline

    I would say it is just that: Legend.. Sheesh...
    I have been in this religion from long BEFORE the Smurf doll story.. and I would daresay it is just like all the other Urban legends out there.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Do you's NOT true? Oh my. Then perhaps the great Pokemon scare is also.....a hoax? And maybe.....the Harry Potter books are just stories and NOT attempts to pull us all over the the "dark side". [8>]

  • marion_nett

    Red: Pokeman? Harry Potter? There are stories of these as well? I've not heard that! Do tell ...

  • katchoo

    I have heard a lot of stories about smurfs... how the dolls would talk during the meetings, how a JW kid has smurf wallpaper, and the little blue devils jumped off the wallpaper in the middle of the night and bit the kid... how there was a JW woman who babysat for some worldly kids who had a smurf swimming pool, adn how she was afraid the little plastic smurfs painted on it would try to drown the kids....

    I also heard that anything you get from someone out in service or anything you get from a yard sale may have demons... I have heard of demons entering your house through gifts, things people leave at your house, smoking, masturbation can call demons to your house, not to mention Ouija boards and super 8 balls (come on people, it's a piece of plastic floating in some blue liquid!!! it's pure chance, you idiots!!!!! jeez!!!) And celebrating ANYTHING would get you demonized real quick!

    well as a child I used to be terrified of demons. Once I got out of the org, I decided if they hadn't come to get me yet, they were falling down on the job. To date I have bought Harry Potter books for my neice, celebrated holidays, owned several bits of smurf memorabilia, bought and used a deck of tarot cards, read that book by Ray Franz, celebrated Christmas and Halloween, I let my friends smoke here, adn my husband smokes cigars and a pipe occasionally, not to mention masturbation (:)) and I still haven't heard from any demons (unless you count my cats)

    Not a vomiting noise, not a single slamming door, no floating objects, no evil laughter, no feeling of anything sitting on my chest, my bed does not vibrate (most of the time >:) ), and basically I guess they are not going to show up. I realize now that this is another tool the WTS uses to keep people in line. FEAR is a very good weapon. It usually keeps people in line and not thinking for themselves.

    There's my 2 cents :) Keep the change!


  • RedhorseWoman


    Yep, Pokemon and Harry Potter. There were some pretty good discussions going around on a couple of months ago about these.

    Many JW's felt that Pokemon and Harry Potter books were okay, but there were others who pointed out that many of the Pokemon characters used psychic powers, and Harry Potter is a child wizard.....both things just reek of demonism.

    Many have been the JW children whose loving parents have sat them down and explained to them about the evil psychic powers of Pokemon. They have been SO proud of little Ben or Melissa when the children tearfully handed over their Pokemon cards because they didn't want to displease Jehovah by dabbling in demonistic practices.

    I haven't heard any "urban legends" involving these evil entities so far. I guess the ever-vigilant JW parents have nipped the problem in the bud this time.

  • JimmyPage

    Sorry I just needed a 201st post to see if I'm now more than a junior member. The Smurfs are always a worthy thread though so hope no one minds!

  • Jim_TX

    ... don't forget the Troll Dolls. Can't have them either.


    Jim TX

  • lisavegas420

    I collect wee smurfs and trolls

    and any other toy I wasn't allowed to have growing up.


  • blondie

    It was announced at the DC one year that this was a fallacy and that the rank and file had to stop spreading the story. It was the first I heard of the demonized smurf doll. I heard it said from the platform that unless it appears in the publications, it is not official. Not that the WTS has printed some pretty wild things in its publications, just not this one.


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