I'd like to explain

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  • jst2laws

    Six, If I understand what you are saying about sacrificing your daughter on "a stupid and lie based doctrinal alter of blood" I am very sorry to hear that. You would certainly fit my description to Curyus of those here who have been "hurt so badly". I would have great difficulty myself hearing the word truth thrown around when it stimulates memories of such loss resulting from a false and deadly "truth". At the same time I try to remember how confident I was when I first started visiting here, that while the society had some serious problems I already had the "truth". As people were able to help me I hope to be able to help others with calm and compassion. To say "You actively disgust me" would have been counter productive to my growth. Yet, I may understand where you are coming from. If I had lost a child to the flawed blood transfusion doctrine I would be more than angry for a very long time. If that is behind your emotions I extend my heart and sympathy to you. Take care, Six. Jst2laws

  • SixofNine

    No, jst2laws, I didn't lose a child. My point is that I could have, and I would have, if it came down to it. Even more importantly, others have sacrificed children on that alter, I happen to care about those people, and I happen to believe that all other humans should care passionately about those children as well. That I agreed with and supported that pathetic doctrine, because I had been fed lies as truth my entire life, is a point of great shame, embarrasment and sadness for me. Looking back, I'm disgusted with myself. I believe that if Curyus is even slightly curious about truth, honesty, etc. as it applies to important facts about the JW religion, she will wonder just why her usage of the word "truth", when in fact she means, "my religious beliefs, based on the words of the organization", actively disgust me.

    But reading her initial post in this thread, she sounds like the kind of person who would rather destroy her marriage than actually understand why her husband's research led him to different conclusions than she holds. Perhaps one day, she'll look back and be ashamed at her own behaviour. But for now, it's hard to be humble when you're busy self-righteously telling everyone who doesn't agree with you that their problem is that they aren't sincere enough:

    Also, I have been thinking & I have to come to terms with the fact that no matter what anyone says or does or shows you, if you don't want to see then you wont.

    I'm not sure whether to label that hypocrisy or just irony, but either way, it's very sad.

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  • stichione

    Curyous, I also thought this was the "truth". My way to surviving Armageddon, God's approved channel of communication between himself and mankind. But I suggest you do more research, and don't do that research using Watchtower Society publications. Ask hard questions and dig deep. Visit other websites such as Freeminds, Shaun's Research and Beacon For Former Jehovah's Witnesses. Read the books by former Governing Body member Ray Franz, (the nephew of Fred Franz )"Crisis of Conscience" and "In Search of Christian Freedom". There is a reason why the Watchtower Society fiercely prohibits its members from reading information by so-called 'apostates'. Ever wonder why the Society does so? Find out by doing research and asking questions. If it's the "truth" than it can absolutely stand up against any form of argumentation. But from where I'm standing, nor you nor 6 million other people on this planet can way that you have the "truth". I know, I did my own research not using Watchtower publications.

  • Farkel


    : I read your responses & for those of you who have experienced pain while in the truth I'm sorry but if you beleave in the bible & that their is a God; I wish that you would read the bible so that you may get to know God

    Let me ask you a question. Why have so MANY ex-JWs had their lives destroyed by the Watchtower religion, its policies and its practices. Why do all the stories sound exactly the same, even though they are from different eras and different parts of the world?

    Why, if you look up any other religion on a search engine and look for places where critics of the religion are vocal, will you have hundreds and hundreds of more sites by ex-JWs than even Catholics? Catholics have 1 BILLION members. JWs have a puny 6 million and are a tiny little religion. WHY? Why are people SO HURT by this religion that they feel compelled to warn others about it? Ever see thousands and thousands of ex-Methodists "warning" others about how dangerous that religion is? Baptists? Episcopals?

    The only ones that you DO see in numbers warning people (like Mormons and a few others) is because those religions use the same controlling CULT practices and destroy families with their shunning.

    What other Christian religion encourages people to DIE or face expulsion and be VIEWED as dead because they think a "symbol" of life is more important than life itself? You said God loves people 1,000 times more than the animals, but is it reasonable to believe that he cherishes a mere "symbol" more than the 10,000 people or so who have died because that "symbol" means more to God than their very lives?

    Think about it. WT problems are not small and are not isolated. They are HUGE and they are EVERYWHERE.


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  • DJ


    I'm not sure that I understand your comment about "getting to know God" for those of us....xjw's who still have faith . Would you mind elaborating? Thanks, dj

  • NewLight2


    Farkel was Quoting Curyous' post, that was not his statement in the first paragraph, but it was something that Curyous said in her post.

    Hope this helps answer your question.

  • DJ


    Thanks, yes you did clarify that for me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. As you've probably noticed, I'm a bit PMS'd today. Sorry & Thanks. Last thing I needed was a war with Farkel...lol....


    I want to apologize to you for taking some anger out on your thread. I know that if I read my comment to you (above) when I was a witness.....I would have screamed "Persecution" inside of my head. You know, it probably would have convinced me even more that I had the "truth."

    I am truly thankful for the gift given to me by being made free from the wt teachings. I am urging you to do the research listed above by other posters and if you ever have questions about the validity orcontent please feel free to ask. I am giving you my shoulder to lean on as you take the time to do the work.

    I truly hope that you can accept my apology and also the advice to begin a new life and be free in Christ. Sometimes, tempers flare here as a natural reaction to the hurt suffered at the hands of those who falsely claimed to be our only channel of communication with our Creator. Hope to hear from you soon.


  • jst2laws


    You are very kind. I like your approach.


    Why are people SO HURT by this religion that they feel compelled to warn others about it? Ever see thousands and thousands of ex-Methodists "warning" others about how dangerous that religion is? Baptists? Episcopals?

    Another excellent reasoning point. I'm putting a big 'G' on your speech counsel slip.


    I would like to talk with you but your e-mail is locked. Feel free to e-mail me. Just click on the little letter next to my name on the left.


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  • mamashel


    I understand your pain in this situation. I had been in the "truth" for 10 years, and the whole time i was, i never really believed in my heart what I was hearing and reading. The biggest problem was my husband was raised JW and I was not, but after going for many years, I decided to do some research myself to find out what really was the truth. Well needless to say, I did find out by outstanding proof that it is a false teaching. One big thing i did was go to the library and did research on the 607 b.c.e. to 1914. All you have to do is do the math and see it is not truth. ANyway, my biggest fear was if i left, the man i love so dearly would leave me. Well he didnt and he no longer attends either, but the most important part is God did not intend for us to leave our familys over man made rules. God loves family and does not desire anyone to be apart, especially a married couple. You owe it to your self to listen to the reasons whay your mate does not any longer desire to go. There is no love in the so called congregations and among the brothers. I loved the "truth" dearly when I went, but I have made more and better friends on this board than in 10 years at the kingdom hall.

    Best wishes to you and your family


  • AwakenedAndFree

    Hello Curyus,

    I read your thread:"I'd like to Explain".

    Here is my response to your observation:

    Please turn your bible to the book of Ezekiel chapter 34 (I'am quoting, using The New World Translation) and read the whole chapter. As well read 1 Titus 1:16.

    Please read!

    Christian Love,


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