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  • Curyus

    I'm new at this whole computer-e-mail stuff; so I guess I should explain myself a bit. Fist, English is not my 1st language, I was born into the truth- you could say I'm 2nd generation Jehovah's Witness, & I have been disfellowshipped twice & was out for 6 years. I think from my last letter you can tell that I have a true zeal for the truth. I am married & my spouse has been visitting this web site on a regular basis & has decided that he no longer wants to attend any of our congregation meetings. This hurts me the most because we have been married 7 years now. We have had our up's & down's like any other marriage but we have added extra stress to ourselves in other ways. For example we are both working on our 2nd marriage & we have the children, ex-spouses & all that it bring with it to bring on more stress than what is necessary. However the one thing that I strongly feel would make our life better all the way around was the one thing that he has now rejected & to be quiet frank I'm having a really hard time dealing with it. I read your responses & for those of you who have experienced pain while in the truth I'm sorry but if you beleave in the bible & that their is a God; I wish that you would read the bible so that you may get to know God. Then , you could see with your minds eye that If God knows when something like a bird of small value falls from the sky that you being worth 1000 times more than that bird, that God will not forget your pain, sacrifice, or those who wronged you. Also, I have been thinking & I have to come to terms with the fact that no matter what anyone says or does or shows you, if you don't want to see then you wont.

  • SixofNine

    Every time you use the word "truth" the way you used it in your post above, you spit on the essence and true meaning of the word truth, you piss on the word truth. You actively disgust me.

    Please stop. I love the truth. The JW organization has no, I repeat NO, claim to the word "truth". If you can't deal with that fact, then you aren't worthy of your spouse' efforts.

    And btw, I'd wager that most people on this site are far better bible students than you are.

  • animal

    Would you sacrifice your family for a religion?


  • scooter

    Why were you disfellowshipped twice?

  • safe4kids


    Thank you for telling us a bit about yourself. I was also raised as a witness and left a few years ago. If you choose to believe in the bible, then that's your business...some here do, many do not. However, I must point out that it seems to me you are confused with regards to what is "truth". As Six so succinctly state, the witnesses do NOT teach the truth...about much of anything. If you will make the effort to investigate many of their teachings, you will find that they have a terrible track record with not only perceiving what is true, but also with blatantly telling lies and committing cover ups to prevent those lies from reaching the normal rank and file publishers. If you are honestly interested in finding out about this organization you belong to, there are many threads here and elsewhere on the net that will give you a more accurate picture of the Watchtower Society. I wish you the best in your search for truth.


    P.S. Many here have been terribly hurt by this controlling and reprehensible organization; don't be surprised if you get some angry replies.

  • DJ

    Dear Curyus,

    I know that your intentions are good. I used to believe the JW's. I still believe in God and the Bible. I have come a long way....I am sure that the WT is a LIE. They Twist The Bible! They Kill People with their Hypocritical WAYS. Doctrines of MEN!!!!!!! They Should not be teaching anyone ANYTHING. I Despise what they do to People!!!!! They are LIARS who TEACH others to be LIARS.

    Jesus is Your Mediator!!!!!!!!!! Not some old bags in Brooklyn. How Dare they???? Curyus, You need to make sure that you are aware of EVERYTHING that they teach, Because I wasn't, even though I thought I knew it ALL!!!! They are Proud, arrogant _Pharicees.

    Most of the time I TRY to view them as Victims BUT right now I am ANGRY and It is JUSTIFIED>>>>!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!! For crying out loud girl, GO TO CHRIST< NOT THEM! dj

  • jst2laws

    Six my friend, Take a tranquilizer. We all felt the same way as Curyus at one time. Curyus, I can imagine this situation is causing stress on you. I hope you both can talk the issues out and come to some agreement to be tolerant of each others beliefs, or disbeliefs. I appreciate your being understanding about the harm that some have experienced here. It is real and hard to forget. Unfortunately, many have been hurt so badly they have lost faith in the bible and even God. The word religion has become a dirty word to most, myself included. But you were being kind to sympathize and to try to reason scripturally on the problem. I can only suggest that as you keep a firm grip on your beliefs that you can verify from the Bible, please keep an open mind about what you may learn here. Sometimes is said abruptly or in bitterness, but there is a lot of truth to be found when you look at the other side of the story. Good to meet you, Curyus! Jst2laws

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  • SixofNine

    jst2, we were all wrong too. It's not a small thing, or one I take lightly, this theft of the word truth. I was born into it, and I was lied to my entire life, to such an extent that I called my religion "the truth". From that, came my willingness to sacrifice my daughter on a stupid and lie-based doctrinal alter of blood. From that, came my willingness to sacrifice my, and my family's, opportunities to live a rich full life.

    It's not really something I see a need to calm down about. Rather, I see a need for people like Curyus to get passionate and worked up about it. Otherwise, her marriage is likely over (and for what?), and her and her childrens lives will be lived in a life debilitating cult that calls itself the "truth".

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  • NewLight2


    You do not have to quit believing in the Bible, but the Watchtower Society is NOT "the truth" as it claims to be. It is, in fact a publishing corporation that publishes LIES disguised as "truth". Go to the following site read every link that is there. Then, come back here and tell me what you thought of what you read. . . . . . .


    . . . . .Then go to this page and do the same. Many Links here for you to discover the TRUTH about the "truth"(tm). . . . .

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