"Flower" Power- to encourage you!

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  • Nikita

    Flower, this was a thread of yours I recalled so vividly. I loved it! I thought it might encourage you today. Enjoy that little guy of yours! He will never have to grow up feeling the way you did.

    had a revelation today...and I thought I'd share.

    It hit me all of the sudden this morning as I was leaving my house around 615a. You see, I'm walking out to my truck to get to a 7am Doctors appt. My keys are hanging out of my mouth, my almost 3 year old is over my shoulder half asleep, in one hand is my cup of coffee and his school project and in the other is a bag with an outfit that needs to be returned and another with his constume for his school concert this afternoon.

    So I follow my scribbled directions to the docs office and make it there with 10 mins to spare so in the back seat of the car I strip down the kiddo and get him dressed for school. Then I realize that I forgot to stop at the bank to get the money for the doc and she only takes cash. So I have the docs appt then run to the bank and go back to pay her and were off to have breakfast at Dennys. Afterwards, I'm use my wet wipes to clean up my little sticky, syrupy pancake-face monster and drop him off at daycare.

    Then Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho its off to work I go to put in my four hours before lunch. Lunch hour will be stops at the post office and Walmart and phone calls to make appts. Then back to work for two hours before I go over to the school for the concert, which should be just lovely..(think of trying to get 20 2.5 year olds to sing a song together). Then back to work again for an hour or so before I pick him up and sit on Rt 1 in Friday night traffic with a hungry and tired and therefore bratty kiddo.

    Dinner, I have no idea yet what to make but in between cooking and trying to keep the boys (mine and the roommates) from wrestling and rough-housing which seems to be their latest obsession, it'll likely be 8 before we eat. By then my monster will have sprouted horns and a tail and probably will have a face full of tears and snot because my roommate is talking to me and he doesnt want her to or some other ridiculous reason.

    With a little luck we will get through dinner without anyone puking or wet sneezing. If the stars are aligned we might even get through without anyone singing while chewing a mouthful of spaghetti. Then after dinner hopefully within the hour at least one kid will be sleeping (the one that cant tell Friday night from a school night lol). The other will likely be glued to the tube so finally us Moms can relax with a few well deserved brewskis.

    Tomorrow is laundry and cleaning day..yippee.

    I know this is an ordinary day for millions of women around the world but I realized today that I AM SUPERMOM..and so are all the other moms out there.

    So HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms on the board. Say it today and mean it..I AM SUPERMOM!





  • flower

    Did I write that!?? lol

    Thanks Nikita..youre sweet.


    *goes off to find where she put that superwoman cape*

  • Joyzabel


    I've missed you on this board. You have a wonderful way with words. Don't give up writing. I hope your move goes well. Let us know how you are doing when you get settled in.

    Thanks Nikita for bringing that thread back up. We all need encouragement and what you did to show flower what impressed you was just great.



  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Ditto Nikita - thanks for reposting.

    Yup we need to remember what we do in a day

    Flower I have missed you around here ((((((flower)))))) - you are like a fresh bouquet of lowers

  • Joyzabel
  • Hyghlandyr

    Flower kicks ass. And she's totally yummy.

  • flower

    Joy thats mean! You know I hate to read stuff that I write....blech blech blech.

    But yea its been fun ride..NOT.

    Lee, LOL a fresh bouquet of 'lowers' ? hehe Thanks though for the attempted compliment . Btw, I'll likely be in Canada within the next few months. It would be cool to hook up.

    Hygh, I dont kick ass..I'm a totally non violent person. Well maybe not totally...but I wouldnt kick ass unless I had to. As to the other, I'm sure you meant "And she COOKS totally yummy meals".

    ok i gotta get back to packing :( boooooooorrrrrrriiinnnngggg.

  • Joyzabel

    Flower, I didn't post that to be mean, just to show you how you have grown into a beautiful bouquet!!

    *passing some energy bars to Flower to help you have energy to pack*

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Now flower - didn't ya know that the lower flowers are the best? less wind down there

    OK I admit it I can't type and didn't check

    Now Canada is a mighty big place so just where are you going to be in this far white north - and hopefully not that far north - I'm not ready for snow yet

  • flower


    lol people step on the lower flowers too

    Well I'm not totally sure yet but probably I'll be in Toronto later this year. I want to have lunch in that revolving restaurant in the CN Tower. Are you very far from Toronto?

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