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  • Robdar

    Maybe we are able to connect with one another when we sleep via our dreams. I do believe that we have instincts, sensations and other gifts that are lying dormant within us. The danger is that we push them down, trying to be overly logical about everything.


    I couldn't agree more or have said it better myself.

    I do experience something like that every time that one Righteous Brother hits that note I NEEEEEED Your Love.... Unchained Melody .


    Oh, yeah!



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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    Unfortunately we are using language here, an inadequate medium for describing the unexplainable. I wouldnt say that its an actual voice I HEAR. Its more like another part of my mind, a largely untapped part (my "god" aspect, as new agers might say) communicating with me. Or me with it. A linking occurs that is not experienced in "normal" experience , while absorbed in the pursuits of day to day,ecking out a living, physicality. We are too absorbed in physical survival to touch our God aspect fully. I think your awareness you had, and my awarenesses I get are not very far apart. The basic ghist of what I get in my "messages", if you want to call them that, is that there is a God mind. This Godmind encompasses all that is. Including all people and ants. Every rock on Mars. etc. God is all that exists, and we are part of God. Gods consciousness is currently "fragmented" into physicality. Godmind is experiencing physical existance and experiencving new sensations, and learning, thru each one of us. It is an exploration by God. But in the end we will each return to the God mind and be integrated. Our personal experience is part of the Godmind consciousness. The overriding awareness I get is that existance is beautiful. God is total love and benificence. And that nothing horrible can happen. There is, finally, only Love and happiness.

    There you have it. Would anyone want it any other way?

  • Robdar

    Oh RF,

    Your comments are beautiful Thank you for sharing them.

    This is a great thread.



  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Robyn. Im just spouting my owen slant on "New Age" belief. I think theres something to it. Its preferable to the vengeful God of Christianity. You might like to look at this link, if youve never seen it before.

  • pomegranate

    This is somewhat long. I have never told anyone before.

    I had a vision a while back while I was driving my auto...I was very much awake and fully aware of me and my surroundings. But all of a sudden, my mind started to race. It began being flooded with thoughts so fast, I could not keep hold of one before the next one barged in and forced the previous one out. Then I began seeing...

    The windshield became almost like a translucent transparent old movie screen that resembled a vintage movie ambiance with flickering light and lines and dots and fuzzy little hairs shooting by. All the while I still had full control of my vehicle while this event continued on. It was like my mind was spilt in two. One half of my mind driving, the other mind tossed into this weird surreality where the visuals began to become very focused and concise.

    The vintage movie effect faded and a world of color began, all the while I am driving my car in full control.

    I was rushed hurriedly into what seemed like going through creation, FAST, FAST traveling at the speed of light, strange scientific formulas written on chalkboard, interconnections of physical things I had never seen before, lines of light coming together and forming solids, what seemed like a house of gears so huge and vast, but with the precision and intricacy of a delicate antique watch...the vision seemed to sync up with the music I had playing. Then I was taken down.

    The voice said, "pomegranate, see what I have made." Then I was taken into the microcosm. It was like I was absorbed throught the lens of the most powerful electron microscope. I was made to be small. Very very small. I didn't know what I was looking at, it was all like complex engineering drawings made from tangible physical stuff. All the while, I was still driving my car.

    Things from the real world began to spin in. An old black and white photo of Albert Einstein spun in and flashed on and off, with the complex engineered drawings of the tangible stuff as the backdrop. Then the typical man made symbolic resemblance of the atom came onto the visual stage spinning and moving. The electrons whizzing faster then I ever could comprehend. Then I got scared. I knew what was going to happen. With horrific intensity, I was catapulted at horrific speed towards the Symbolic Atom. Oh my Living God!

    My facial features felt is if I was going down the fastest first hill roller coaster, heading faster and faster than full speed towards this molecule. What I thought would be a collision with this thing ended up being an entry into it. I saw the middle. Clasped tightly together. Two things clinging together with a force I never knew existed. I heard the voice, "strong neuclear force is Love" Proton and neutron is Love? What do you MEAN!!! I cried in my head. All the while, I'm STILL behind the wheel of my car driving.

    Then this place I was in shook VIOLENTLY. I heard "pomegranate, I HATE DIVORCE" Then the two clinging together seemed to be being forced apart. Split. A severing of sorts. I felt in my being a sense of something being very wrong here. In my mind came the vision of a young mothers child being ripped from her clinging arms and being born for the first time. The pain was never felt before. PAIN! It is hurting these two who were clinging to be forced apart. I heard a loud noise, but the music was still playing in the ambiance. I am still driving my car.

    They came apart. They have come apart. I said this is not good. This is bad. This is very bad. They pulled further and further apart from each other. One to the left one to the right. Further and further and further apart they went. To the furthest point of my peripheral vision. Then it happened. The one on the left dissappered. Gone. I said OH NO!! Then the one on the left turned the most vivid color of crimson red I had ever seen. And it grew in size. Immensely so. It seemed to be generating heat like the scorching of the sun. RADIANCE was blinding me. I couldn't see everything very well. Just when I thought all things were going to blow up from this blinding climax, the one on the left pops back in again. And oh my God. They start racing towards each other. I knew what was happening. Strong nuclear force. I am in the presence of two that were FORCED apart, that NEVER should have been divided. LOVE. I am at ground zero. There is no where for me to run. I am sitting spell bound and awe struck as these two race at each other on a collision course at light speed. I think I am in big trouble. Fission and fusion. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I can't be in the presence of this. I am going to die. Please. I can't witness this. I can't hide. Where can I hide?? Hide me Hide me please!! They are going to SMASH INTO EACH OTHER!!



    My feet coiled up off the pedals of my car like the fetal position for a moment. Then I put them back down. I was covered in it whatever it was. Tingles. Chills. My hair standing on end.

    The voice, "We are coming back together pomegranate."

    I began to cry my eyes out like a baby.

    All the while, I was driving my car.

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  • expatbrit

    OK everyone, time to give up eating cheese before bedtime!

    Expatbrit (who can never remember his dreams, and only gets prickly sensations after a particularly hot curry.)

  • Undecided

    Weird stuff! Sometimes I wonder how we can tell if something we recall is real or imagined. Since everything we experience is recorded in our mind by some process of chemical, electrical or whatever, how can we know if it was real or not?

    Recently I have recalled things that I really have to analyze to figure out if it really happened or was it a dream. The other day I recalled being at an assembly, it seemed so real but after thinking about the things that happened I realized it was a dream I had some time in the past. There are some parts of it that I think may have happened and was included in the dream. Is this part of Alhemizers? I didn't remember having this dream so I guess it was just there and my mind just happened to hit on this particular area?

    Are these experiences of the forum members here just chemical, electrical problems in the brain or something else? It's strange to realize our whole life is just some chemical, electrical impulses in our head!!

    Ken P.

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  • LB

    Oh we all get warm and pricky when we think of Heaven. She's a babe

  • COMF

    Oh, um... yeah, ballistic, that would be the guardian angels at your side, waiting for you to die so they can bear you away on their snow white wings to your immortal home.

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