Why do elders not disfellowship inactive people?

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    I just think it is sad that people that have been out for years still have to talk about and think about how they have to keep a low profile.

    Sad, that is, for the WT, as it proves the real damage this cult has on people's lives, even long after they have exited.

  • Xena
    Also, as for recent KM's. I have not read that garbage since 1996,

    If you have been out that long and no longer read the lit. how do you know this...

    The thing is, the actual teaching of headquarters was to ignore and leave them alone ... unless they were causing trouble. Like I have said many time, there is always a exception to all things ... but the norm is what I said.

    You somehow know the ACTUAL TEACHINGS of HEADQUARTERS batman??? Gimma a break, this is just YOUR OPINION and you want the rest of us to believe it is fact. Well is isn't, it is YOUR REALITY not everyone elses.

    Unless you have some secret info you care to share.......

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    It's a bit like swimming with sharks, isn't it? Generally speaking if you leave a shark alone, it will leave you alone. But they are unpredictable and you never know if or for what reason they will strike. And when they do strike, it's fast and bloody.

  • Xena

    Good example Big Tex!

    I don't think people should live in fear of the elders hunting them down, but it is always a possibility. I hid the fact that I celebrated holidays from my family and the JW neighbors I had for over a year because I didn't want to get d/fed and shunned by people. lol after I finally figured out they would shun me no matter what, apparently with my friends and family not going to meetings automatically means you are "mentally" d/fed by them (my pioneer sisters term) I am now planning on celebrating in style! I no longer care if they want to try and d/f me.....actually I think I would now have some fun with it.

    But to tell people that it won't happen to them when you don't know their circumstances or the make-up of the local congergation is irresponsible. Not everyone is ready to be outed or d/fed and it is a distinct possibility even when you fade. People should be aware of that. At least in my opinion.

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