Why do elders not disfellowship inactive people?

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  • Robdar


    I feel badly that you and your husband were so mistreated. Yes, you were treated unfairly. We do not know each other very well but I wish you all the best. If you ever want to do a little "ranting" as you put it, or just talk, my email is open.

    I know this offer to talk is probably not much of a comfort to you. But I truly hope that you will take me up on my offer.



  • Dismembered

    Right On! Dragon my feelings exactly

  • Dismembered


    If that's what happened then you need to sue those elders individually! In a court of law for deformation of character!


  • ugg

    there are many many very small,,rural congregations....there is no such
    thing as a slow fade,,,,in these areas it is quite noticable,,,that one
    is gone....

    weather or not the elders "hunt you down" depends independently with
    them....small hall,,,30-40 publishers,,can have extreme family closeness
    with loving and kind brothers who "worry" about someone....with true

    i have also seen...small halls,,,again..30-40 publishers,,,with elders
    that have personalities like serpents....deadly...with no place to hide..
    remember,,,,these small halls,,,are in very small communites where
    every body knows every body....

    you cannot hide,,,or get away,,,unless you are in a position where you
    can just move....but so many are NOT in that position.....

    there are no direct standards....it all depends on location,,size,,,
    number of elders,,,personalities,,,ect ect....

    how can some people fade away,,break every witness standard in the book,
    and never get disfellowshipped,,,even if the elders are aware of
    every thing...because the elders don't want the extra work,,,in their
    eyes you are already dead....but if you ever set foot in the kingdom
    hall,,,they will nail your ass to the wall...with these type of elders
    you can forget understanding and love...these are the kind of elders
    that have "REFENGE" as a middle name...

    ok,,,i guess i rattled on...but i spoke truth...in the area i live,,,
    this is how it is...all of it.

  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    Nice comfort perhaps, but, as the song goes, "it ain't necessarily so".

    Why? Because the elders have been instructed at the recent KMS that a person is ALWAYS to be viewed as a JW, whether they're a "walkaway", simply inactive, or whatever.

    It isn't true to state that the elders will not care a hoot what you do. Of course they will, and if they learn that you have done something "illegal" as far as the Borg is concerned, they WILL seek you out and ask you to explain yourself.

    Just a comment on this:

    by not disfellowshipping the people that just walk away the numbers will stay high, giving people a false sense that there are more witnesses than there really are. Maybe only 4 million as compared to the 6 million that they claim.

    Persons no longer "active publishers" are no longer counted in the numbers. What's an "active publisher"? Someone who has reported at some time in the past six months.

    So the supposition that the numbers are kept high by the "fadeaways" is just that, "supposition".

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • bay64me

    In some cases, maby it's the smouldering-waxen-flick-thing.

    Alternatively it could be that they are tied up in other matters within the cong. If the latter is true, then it's just a question of time!

  • Hyghlandyr

    I cant be disfellowshipped since I am not a witness. The elders said to me "It sounds like you dont want to be thought of as one of Jehovahs witnesses anymore." I replied, I am not thought of as one of Jehovahs Witnesses. My wife is a witness, she doesnt think I am one of Jehovahs Witnesses. My friends dont think I am one of Jehovahs Witnesses. Then I tilted my head and I looked at them with a quizzical look on my face and said do YOU think i am one of Jehovahs Witnesses? What could they say?

    Then the one elder said, well it sounds like you want to disassociate yourself? To which I replied, why would I need to DA myself since I am a "Former Member who has ceased to be involved in the faith?" Using their words from the website. It is even more pointed now, although the attempt is to give them more laditude, it actually gives me more. Now it says, anyone who has left the faith. Before it was anyone INVOLVED in the faith. Thus if I went to meetings they could attempt to df or da me. But even catholics who leave their faith still go to mass once in a while, or weddings and funerals. So now I can go to all the meetings, sing, study. Whatever. As long as I do only those things non-members typically do I am ok.

    If they ever did try to falsely announce my DA or DF, I would simply deny it. Like if I go to a congregation in ohio, and some elder in california decides to announce I am DA or DF, well clearly his word doesnt apply. That would be my additude in this case also. Even if it were my former elders. Why? Because I am a FORMER member.

    Too I told them if they df me, I will show up at all the meetings. I will sit down in front. I will sing the loudest. I will greet everyone that comes in. I will involve myself in conversations. I will be jovial. Newcomers will wonder why they are shunning this genuinely nice fella...They told me there was nothing to DF me for.:)

  • dsgal

    I faded away about seven months ago and since then only a couple of pioneer "sisters" have been by my house about four times.I guess the elders don't care about their "lost sheep".

  • voltaire


    You are my hero!

  • neyank

    There are cases I'm sure where the elders aren't agressive as far as finding a reason to df an inactive JW.

    And I'm sure there are cases where the elders feel they MUST find something to df an inactive person.

    The way I see it,I think the WTS wants a complete seperation between active and inactive JWs.

    The WTS wants to be in control of any and all activities of the JWs.

    They know they don't have any control over inactive and exJWs.

    If they can keep the two groups seperated they have a better chance of keeping their control.
    And along with control comes power.

    Plus the fact that they know inactive ones are visiting these boards and are doing what they can to help get active ones out of the org. by feeding information about the WTS to them.

    We know the WTS wants to keep their followers in the dark and only wants them to see the light the WTS wants to show them.

    So I think all of this 'new light' business about keeping JWs from asociating with family members that aren't active JWs is only to try to keep them from finding out as so many have done the truth about the WTS.


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