Dead Again?

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  • sOOner

    just a TY for the replies and caring words.My heart is very heavy and yes it is as if it were a DEATH.It is over~

    the relationship with the borg has once again torn another family apart that has tried so hard the past 10 years to mend.

    So be it...

    wonder what the NEXT new light will bring forth...

    I can hardly wait:)


  • Prisca


    Sorry that you are hurting.

  • Quotes

    I'm usually an easy-going peaceful person.

    But when I read these stories it makes me SO ANGRY at the AROGANT STUPIDITY of the WTBTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sorry you have to go through this.

    Why, WHY couldn't one of the Sept 11 2001 airplanes have missed the Twin Towers and instead crash into Bethel, wiping out the Governing Body in one FELL SWOOP??????? WHY??

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  • sOOner

    I am sitting here just shaking my head.It is emotional blackmail.If you do this or do that I will love you and be in your life,if you don't well them I have to let you go.


    Well,this is the last time I am dropped.I was raised from the age of 12 in the BORG and that in it's self made me a prime target for being dysfuntional and socially retarded.Not knowing or having acquired the skills to exist in the REAL world.How to be in a world that I was taught to more or less ignore and be no part of.

    At the same time wanting only to be accepted and loved.For all the wrong reasons I traveled down many a dark corridor.

    The good part of all this is I have grown along the way.I have not laid out blame when it was a easy solution.My mama is doing the best she knows how to do.She is a puppet whose strings are pulled by misfits of a organization.They feel that they are losing there grip with many of there little secrets being open to worldwide scrutiny.

    Just to mention a few:

    The Library card and the UN

    The Silent Lambs(child abuse within the org~BORG

    The Blood Issue...

    the list is growing

    there scriptural reasoning just isn't getting it

    This is the control,the power they have over in my case,my mother.It is not a situation,it is a OUTRAGE.In the name of LOVE they destroy the semblance of unity...the family unit.

    Actually,when they say the "TRUTH" shall set you free ,they should also add that you will also be annilated from all those near and dear that do not believe.

    In that respect,the TRUTH has set them free

    I believe I was set FREE the day I walked a different path

    a brighter path that I am still walking

    and learning from every day

    my mama is someone I will truly miss

    I will always love her forever


  • larc

    I said it before, but I must say it again, my heart goes out to you and your sister. I know how it feels because I am facing the same thing with my sister. After what I have learned about the August KM, I will not call her again. If months go by and she calls me in friendship, that will be fine, but unlikely.

  • Thirdson

    ((((((((((((Sentinel and sOOner,))))))))))))))

    I really feel for you and am sorry that you have to endure more pain because of the unloving, unChristian and evil rules dictated by the men of Brooklyn (or Patterson Old-Folks Retreat).

    I guess the reponse of your mother is the intended result of the Watchtower Society leadership. I hope that everyone will see what the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses and their publishing corporation leaders really stands for -- a spiteful, hatefilled religion where the leaders are set on maintaining power and hiding their corruption by the strict control of their adherents.

    I hope sharing your problems helps and I hope others too will publicize the actions of individual Jehovah's Witnesses. The more publicity the better.


    PS I prepared my mother in advance for the August KM.

  • Sentinel

    Good Morning Everyone,

    sOOner and I really do appreciate all the genuience love and concern and fellowship shown here since our unhappy experience of yesterday. We are trying to cope the best we can.

    Unfortunately, there is yet another younger sister of ours, who is suffering with us as well. There are three sisters involved in this deliberate, cruel wrenching away of natural love and affection. We also have a brother. He is the youngest at 43. We are grown people, with families of our own. I don't know how this will affect him or our relationship with him. That would be his story.

    Last night I could hardly sleep. I had many nightmares. One of those dreams involved the "headquarters" being destroyed. It was a very happy time, and a very sad time, but the WTBTS was no more. If I could wish upon a star, that would be my wish.

    Farkel, I even dreamed that I hired someone to do a very bad deed to some "big" people up there in NY. Can't help my dreams, I guess. I am really trying very hard to find some humor in all of this [email protected]#$, but it's slim pickens. (It's a good thing I'm a lady, cause the words that have been coming out of my mouth in my home are every bad one I can think of.)

    I'll survive. My sisters and I have come through unbelievable circumstances to get to this point. We have always tried to honor our father and our mother, even when they have treated us like dirt. None of us ever deserved the treatment we got. We were abused before JW's ever came on the scene, and the abuse continued on in a different way.

    Take Care,


  • cruzanheart

    (((((Sentinel & sOOner)))))

    My heart goes out to you and your family. For the first time, I feel actually lucky that my mom has Alzheimer's because I fear that if she had all her marbles she would be treating me the same way as your mom is treating you. My dad, on the other hand, is very understanding, at least at this moment (he doesn't dare be anything else - we were there for him in a most un-JW way the year he was disfellowshipped and I WILL hold that over his head if I need to!). I pray that your mom will come to her senses and once again love you unconditionally and totally. I know she loves you still, so give her a little time. I'm glad you have each other for comfort, and everyone on this board is here for you if you need to talk, scream, cry, vent, or just get a hug.



  • TheSurvivor

    I was raised in the "truth." I was never encouraged to do well in school, or pursue higher learning. I was always told that I would never have to worry about high school or the draft because the "end" would be here before that. I grew up believing the party line. No more. I have seen to much. I have seen 21 year old "brothers" screw 14 year old girls, and then have respected positions at the hall 3 years later. (When they should have been doing 10 to 15 up state.) The hipocracy and power trips are just to much to handle. Not to mention the game of CYA called the light getting brighter. To tell you the truth, the thought of living forever with this bunch of communist bastards turns my stomach. I would rather die with the wind in my face and the sun at my back. But I try to keep most of these thoughts to myself, as you see, my wife and kids are Borg. (They are at this time just as mad as me over many things done to our family, but are still trying to believe that it is just imperfection doing it.) Over the years I have perfected living the double life. I sometimes feel like George Castanza on Sienfield when he said......."so what your living a lie....I live like twenty of them." I tend to smile and nod a lot, but inside I'm just dying to tell them to shove it. One nice thing about all this is the fact that having been raised in the truth, I make one damm fine monkey wrencher. The Elders have never pulled me in the back room about anything, and although I know that I bug the hell out of them, they never say anything to me. I have taken some of their wrongdoing all the way to the circuit overseer......but of course the ones in charge have brought new meaning to the term CYA. For the sake of my mom who is also Borg, I will continue living this life awhile longer. But it is getting harder and harder to do. I will never forgive, or forget the crap that these creeps have put me through. I could go on for page after page detailing the crap layed on my family and other close friends (one a former Elder) but I have a feeling it has all already been said here.

    BTW, this may seem to have nothing to do with the above thread, but trust me, it does. I happen to have three sisters who are disfellowshiped or disassoiated, and KNOW what is going on. My sisters know that I not only love them, but I would never cut them off. They just did it their way, and I'm doing it mine.

    The Survivor


    I'll never tell.....

  • Sentinel


    Didn't you know that I can read minds? But, I'll never tell either.

    Your presence here means more than you could ever know. ((((HUGS))))

    Sentinel (Looking out for those I love)

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