JWs Totally ROCK man!

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Which reminds me of yet another story.

    !5 years ago or so, my first wife and i decided to drive into the deep Aussie boonies. We are talking Deliverance country here. (out beyond Broken Hill) Anyway, we are 500 hundred miles from "civilization",in the deep ozzie "Outback" . In fact, in the bloody desert. Anyway the car broke down bigtime. The saga of how we got back to "civilization", ate, slept, travelled, would make a book in itself. Suffice to say, it all occured thru the generosity of total strangers who put themselves out for us.

    yeah, strangers rock too.

  • puzzled

    Yeah, I have a tendancy to see cult manifestations in my soup.

    All the alphabets are forming cliques?





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  • Amazing

    Hi: I don't think we can say there are true JWs and JW pretenders. There are JWs who are more human and if they knew of the dirt or understood the vast scope of it, would leave the religion. There are JW loyalists who are as devoted to the organization as Hitler's minions were devoted to the Nazi Party ... they less human.

    You noted:

    Dont get me wrong christianity is still a dangerous and divisive force in this world.

    Where do you get this idea? This is JW propaganda. There are many other cults like the JWs who are radical Christian fundamentalists that are divisive. However, the vast majority are good people living life the best they can and are anything but a divisive force.

  • Nowhere

    How can you say that JWs rock? You know about the blood policy, and still they rock? They are murderers!

  • TR

    'hovahs rock? Being a REAL 'hovah is going along with all the bullshit the WTS spews forth. 'hovahs don't rock, they SUCK!


  • MikeMusto

    George Benson plays a mean guitar.

    so he rocks..so did larry graham.

    Being a real Jehovahs Witness does not necessarily mean supporting the policies of

    the WTS

  • TR

    Mike ,

    What does being a "real" 'hovah mean, then?


  • MikeMusto

    There are people who wish to use the name Jehovah in their worship.

    The WTS does not have a monopoly on its use.

    Some, identify themselves as a JW scripturally.

    Others identify themselves as a JW with the WTS, unfortunately these are the

    ones that most people know. They can not separate the bad doctrines and policies

    of the WTS and the Bible. Just ask greg stafford.

    To me, the real Jehovahs Witnesses are ones who base their beiliefs on the Scriptures and not

    the WTS

  • LDH

    *CRACK* rock,maybe.

    That's about the only thing the JW's rock.


  • Hyghlandyr

    Mike Musto -

    Excellent. Exactly. Being a TRUE Catholic does not mean you support the popes policies. It means that basically you believe in Jesus, mary etc. And you label yourself a catholic and you live the MORAL system of the catholics. This doesnt mean you never fail. It does mean that you dont go around trying to destroy peoples lives. I am talking about the spirit of the meaning behind the claims. The same thing with "Jehvoahs Witnesses" I know many who lay claim to that title and never have been associated in any way whatsoever with the watchtower organization. For me it is living in the spirit of some basic things that Jesus (though he didnt exist) said. A true believer isnt based on what man they are following doing anything blindly. But real caring. Even if struggling under an overweight system.

    How can I say they rock? Because I am not a man who dismisses everyone. I remember what it was like being a JW. I remember that while a JW, I went door to door because I actually wanted to help people. And believe it or not, as a result of my going door to door I helped many people. I studied with none of them. But I met people in dire situations who need an ear, I offered mine. My wife and I met a woman who was being kicked out of her apartment and had no one to help her move. We helped. There was no, study, not scriptures, no, we are doing this because god wants us to. Just helped her move. And never required more from her.

    Many here want to dismiss all JWs as wicked. If that is the case then you are wicked. And you most certainly were wicked as a JW. Most JWs if they knew the truth would leave. Sure enough, maybe that is so. And because they are scared to examine something which they BELIEVE to be a lie, does not make them wicked. If someone is a drug user I dont want them in my house. If my friends tell me so and so is a drug user, I will trust them and not let him over. They are trusting. Their trust simply happens to be misplaced. It is placed actually not in men as some here suppose, but in a magazine. Whatever that magazine says will be trusted. Gee sounds kind of like many others who believe in a book no matter what it says (read duet 22 then come back here and bitch about the watchtower policy on rape, while at the same time trying to justify the bibles position)...

    Where do you get this idea? This is JW propaganda

    This is UTTER BS...The watchtower society is not the only one nor the first that has demonstrated how dangerous christianity has been. Of all the nations in the world the ONLY NATION to convert peacefully to christianity was Ireland. But they were already basically christians, waiting for a Christos, an Ard R, high King. Thus when someone told them, so and so is the king of kings, being a people that never lied, the lie being inconceivable to them, they converted. Without bloodshed. And eliminated slavery, and other practices because they felt it was against the spirit of christianity. (Though they kept on having sex in any fashion they wanted because christianity wasnt/isnt about sex. It was MADE about sex almost exclusively by some uptight bishops in rome)..

    Every other nation fought tooth and nail against christianity. It was a war. When a norse leader was told by christian evangelists that his father, who was in valhalla, was actually in hell, he tossed them out. Then they took his nation by force. Around the world christianity has fomented war after war. Watchtower propganda bs. Your own bible is one of the most foul, vile, disgusting pieces of lying crap I have ever read. We Irish never even thought that a raped virgin should be sold to her rapist. The bible says she should. And does not even give a minimum age! NO AGE OF CONSENT from god people. Rape a woman SHES YOURS...The Irish had not seen that when they converted or they would have tossed the monks out on their ears. They had only the book of Sean (John).

    The Crusades, the murders of native americans and australians and africans. The forced conversions of thousands, millions, on penalty of death. The stealing of property. The rape of muslim women and other women. The doctrines themselves, even when not outright murderous are downright abusive. Even ALL YOUR RIGHTEOUS WORKS ARE AS FILTHY RAGS BENEATH HIS FEET. Well then bugger off god. If NONE of my righteous works is even good for anything, get out of my face. This additude in the bible has led to a constant state of shame and guilt by many people. I know you think you are oh so abused as JWs. Ive got news for you, many christians feel the same way. Laden down with a burden whcih they can barely lift. I know of women who were ostracized by their churches because of getting pregnant. I know of people who could not so much as have a beer in their frig because other members of their church might see it.

    Christianity is an evil, wicked, nasty, demonic force on this planet. I dont even believe in demons, but I believe that demons set up the entire christian system. And JWs have nothing to do with that viewpoint. They are merely one in a long line. If it were not for the deists setting up protections in this country, christians would still to this day being trying to execute and imprison those who dont follow. ALL christians? Of course not. But the freedoms that some christians believe in are not bible based. THANKFULLY there are many christians in the last couple of hundred years, more and more of them, that believe the bible is a myth. Allegory.

    But dont give me the crap that christianity hasnt and isnt a dangerous force and somehow that is JW propaganda. Ive read the history from the mouths of christians themselves, and Ive read their most UNholy book.

    Does that mean that christians dont rock? NO..I know a LOT of christians who rock. Who despite their teachings are nice people. And that is why I say JWs ROCK....Not ALL of them. But I am not going to fall into the trap that so many here try to suck us into...that is believing that all JWs are bad...I dont believe in christianity and know the harm it causes but I dont believe all christians are bad. If it makes you feel better to impugn each witness alive, go ahead. But if they are all wicked, why are you bitching if you are disfellowshipped? I would think that I want nothing to do with people of that sort. Ive not spoken to MIlton (my sperm donor) in ten years. You wont hear me whining that he isnt talking to me.

    On the other hand if you are upset that some wont talk to you, just admit the facts. They have good qualities. It is the nasty qualities or the qualities that are unnatural, imposed by their leaders and followed because they believe it to be the GOOD thing, that upset you. Do all JWs follow these things because of that? Of course not. Some actually GLEE to see someone disfellowshipped. But they are not what HYGH calls TRUE Jws..I have my personal definitions for a reason. But...

    Dungbeetle was the one that gave the suggestion to me and it works. When I talk to JWs now I say they have infiltrators. That real JWs dont do these things. That lets them know I am not against them personally. Just against a policy or a wrong.

    So if you dont think so oh well.....but JWs freakin rock man!

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