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  • minimus

    Most people never really change! Our personalities, whether we are active Witnesses or are inactive ones, apostates or almost apostates, are the same. If we tend to rant here on this board, the probability is we were ranters elsewhere. If we are complainers now, we probably complained in the congregation. If were sarcastic Witnesses, we are no doubt still sarcastic people. If we tend to become inflamed when somebody disagrees with us,this is probably nothing new. Emotional persons will be emotional whether they are JW's or not. Likewise, if we were patient, kind, and caring types while we were Witnesses, the odds are that we will continue to be the same whether we are "in the truth or out of the truth"..........This board reflects who we really are and what we always have been.

  • jwbot

    I have always been, and will always be, a brat. An opinionated, self-rightous, brat. Thats what gets me in trouble (well only the opinionated part). I have always asked too many damn questions, that will never change, and I hope it doesn't. I have grown up a little more and have gained knowledge, I hope through my experiences and further knowledge I can become an improved self-rightous, brat.

  • freedom96

    I agree 100 %. The only thing I would add is that I believe in the process of becoming a witness, whatever charactoristics one had to begin with, as suggested above, will become even more evident. For example, if one was critical before becoming a witness, I think that they will tend to become more so, likewise with other traits.

  • Carmel

    Total BS w/o any scientific data to support your contention.

    My experiance is that MOST people change, the few exceptions never grew out of their comfort zone and repeat their personality idiocyncracies.


  • larc

    Carmel, dont't say someone is BS and there is no scientific evidence. You are just blowing smoke. Fact is, scientificly, is that basic behavior does not change. That is a fact my dear, so don't put down someone unless you can prove otherwise. I don't want case studies and testemonials, I want statistical evidence.

  • minimus

    thank you, larc

  • larc

    Minimus, you are quite welcome. I am doing some research on the measurement of basic measures of personality. Fact is, basic characteristics are very stable over time, which does agree with your observation.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Man, I ain't changed, but I know I ain't the same -- One Headlight, The Wallflowers

  • onacruse

    Minimus, larc : What is your point?

    If what you suggest is true, then that self-absorbed, sociopathic, judgemental career JW that I have been for 40 years is my inevitable behavior pattern?? What "basic measurements of personality" are you using? How valid are the so-called "statistical studies"? Who validates them? What are their credentials? How many dissenters are there? Good Lord, even Einstein's Theory of Relativity, supposedly so solidly ratified by physical experiment, has several non-commensurate theoretical alternatives.

    I agree with the basic tenet of Carmel's post...nobody, repeat NOBODY, not even an Assembly Hall full of psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and apologists will EVER convince me that I have not fundamentally changed in the last 2 months. Everyone (esp the "ordinary" people) around me has said that.

    Scientific theories and statistical studies are usually good for one be debunked!!!

    Respectfully, Craig

  • Simon

    I think people do change ... and become who the really are instead of putting on a pretence all the time. This is why people who leave are usually happier as they are no longer living a lie.

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