Is this therapy?

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  • larc

    I this place a form of therapy for you? Is it a place you have come to and found it a source of healing? I know this is not therapy in the professional sense. No one here is functioning as a therapist. Nonetheless, I think this place has been highly theraputic for many people. Many have said as much. What do you think?

  • myself

    It has been thereputic to me in the sense that I have been able to stop beating myself in the head when I was wondering if leaving the dubs was the right thing. I learned enough to know that I did the right thing. It is amazing what brainwashing especially self-brainwashing can do to your emotional well being. Free at last.


    Hey larc,you bet..I can come here ,talk with my buds,and I don`t have to explain myself at great length,for them to understand...OUTLAW

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    larc I would agree with you. It is a form of therapy. The self-help movemennt is based on people with similar problems sharing thier common experience and giving and getting support. That is exactly what happens here. It isn't formalized as in a self-help group but the effect is the same - a process of speaking our truths and expressing our feelings and learning to move on

  • Joyzabel

    Yes I think this place is theraputic to share experiences and gain friendships. It has been for me. To have someone else understand the silliness we used to belong to and share in "deprogramming" has helped me tremendously.

    At the time of our fading, my hubby had other exelders to communicate with. I found exsisters who understood the emotions I was going through.

    Many people on this board have recommended various books to read and I would never have known about them without their help.

    The only thing that I find annoying is that this place gets to be addictive . All that extra time I thought I would have not doing the busy work anymore is spent here. <sigh> I know, I know, I'll get a life soon.


  • myself

    j2bf, you can't get a life yet, you are almost a jedi, you really should wait Besides I enjoy your posts.

  • jgnat

    If it looks and smells and behaves like therapy, is it therapy? I have been so close to exposing my naked soul to this forum, it scares me. I usually keep the dark stuff tightly canned.

  • SPAZnik

    YES. Absolutely yes.

    It is therapeutic to me to express feelings in an environment where i will be understood. It would be a little much to expect someone without an understanding of all the jdub/borg nuances, to even begin to understand what i have experienced or why i am where i am.

    It has also been therapeutic to me to know that i am not alone in my feelings about what i have been through. And that many of my reactions and the phases i have gone through are very *normal*
    i am no more *freaky* than anybody else.

    Being in the borg was socially stunting. This place is a great place for me to *practise* being myself, a whole new & frightening concept due to dub conditioning (among other factors).

    While i take full responsibility for my own "recovery/healing" from this entire experience,
    I credit this forum for having been a major aid in the whole process.

    The treatment both in and out of the jdub religion is really something to contend with, especially alone.

    I noticed a significant improvement in my stress levels and general feeling of "mental stability"
    after i discovered this place and began posting four dayz later.

    I consider it "group therapy", in a way.



    Hey jgnat,this is a cool place.Still,you must stay aware of predidators who will exploit your newness to the board,if given the chance..Bottom line..Get to know the board...OUTLAW

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  • puzzled
    I think this place has been highly theraputic for many people. Many have said as much. What do you think?

    Gee Larc, The LAST thing I expected it to be was therapeutic but to my surprise it really has been.

    I'm happy about that. It certainly has fired up some brain cells that have been lying dormant for a long time.

    puzz on loan to plumcrazy /of the out of control again class

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