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  • teejay

    Years ago a young brother barely in his teens... Lamar is his name... introduced me to the word, but not the sound.

    The sound does nothing but remind me of my grandmother--Momo--who died almost twenty years ago. We... that is, my sisters and brothers and I, spent a lot of time at Momo's house. During the summer, we even spent nights there. She had two big trees in the front yard and one in the back, and these were only a sampling of scores of trees in her simple neighborhood. I come from a little town of MANY big trees. Home of cicadas.

    During the summer, since there was no such thing as air conditioning back then, we were more connected to the natural world. By that I mean for entertainment we sat outside on the screened front porch and talked; or else, at bedtime, slept in a bedroom cooled by the stuffy night air. With the window up.

    The sounds of the night found their way in, etching their way into my fondest of all memories. Crickets, toads, and... cicadas. Perhaps you know or refer to them as locusts. I always did until a Young Brother, after preparing his Number 2 Talk, told me otherwise.

    I haven't seen Lamar in years. I just remembered him tonight after hearing, after a long time of not, a cicada. Once you hear the sound, it's something that will live with you always.

    As does my love of "Jehovah's People." I knew some great humans who to this day remain trapped in a system and have no clue. And I miss them. As I yearned for, without knowing it, the sound of a cicada, I yearn for the sound of their laughter and voice.

    One day... one day...

  • onacruse

    Well said, teejay, well said! I share your fond memories and hopes.


  • myself

    ((((teejay)))) There are many that I miss too, but it isn't enough reason to return to dubdum. I feel bad that they are so blinded and that they are taught conditional love. but...<sigh> yes I do miss some of them.

  • LDH


    you are going to piss your pants. Today I was reminiscing with my younger brother on the phone.

    We were remembering our grandfather who came to live with us for a bit, and he was a tough-as-nails old man of about 85, his mind had started to go "around the bend."

    One day he was sitting outside as we were doing yard work, and he appeared to be chewing something. My father asked him, "What do you have in your mouth, Dad?"

    no response.

    "Dad, what are you chewing on?"

    no response.


    To which he yells. "BUGS!!!!"

    and I'll be damned, my dad wrenched open his mouth and he was chewing a got-dayum cicada.

    To this day, that story makes us bust out laughing....

  • SPAZnik

    nicely put



    Hey teejay,when you want to write,you can..You take your readers on a journey in time..I enjoyed your post...OUTLAW

  • larc

    Teejay, my thoughts will be somewhat rambling here. I just opened the windows to let in the cool night air. The house went from silence to the sound of cicadas. I remember the sound from the very earliest of memories. But alas, my memories of JW friends have mostly faded, as I have not seen them for at least three decades, except for an occasional funeral. Do I miss them? Yes, I do.

  • jst2laws


    Thanks for expressing those feelings so well.

    Many here have been hurt so much it is understandable they are filled with anger. But are losses and injuries were not because our friends, Jehovah's Witnesses, were bad people. It was because we were all lemmings in a self sustaining fraud. But the people, the friends we had, were genuine.

    I have only recently been cut off from my friends and it hurts. I miss them, yet I cannot blame them. They cannot allow themselves to look at reality, they are forbidden to look and think independently. So I feel sorry for them, but I still miss them.

    I wish so much I could help them see "the truth will set you free", but I can't even talk to them.

    Good of you to help us reflect on the good times and the things we miss.


  • teejay
    ... the good times and the things we miss


    Maybe it's just me feeling nostalgic (damn that cicada!) but a part of me misses those times. And, while I might be dead to them, I'll never forget my friends.

  • Prisca

    Nice post. Here in Oz we call them cicadas too - they have a distinctive sound you get accustomed to during the summer.

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