Where did you turn?

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    Many people highly educated in Theology, Early Christian History, Hebrew and Greek, and related fields will come to the same conclusions that the Watchtower does concerning the trinity, hellfire, and much more (and likewise, many do not come to those conclusions at all).

    I'm glad you added the phrase in parenthesis, Nobody0fInterest, but we need to be quite clear that belief in the Trinity does not imply some kind of inferior understanding of scripture. Quite the contrary, IMO.

    Anyway, we do welcome you to the board and I look forward to many more thought-provoking posts.

    Cheers, Ozzie

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  • Kingpawn


    Do you believe that "there isn't any truth" now, or did you turn to somewhere else for spirtuality?

    And if you have turned somewhere else, have you had to accept doctrines that you don't believe in at all, just so you could have somewhere to go (i.e. compromise)?

    I didn't leave; I was kicked out. I believed then, and still do, that they were right on the doctrinal stances they took then. But I've seen enough of their flip-flops on issues to believe they walked away from the truth.

    At the moment I'm studying Wicca. Many of its beliefs harmonize with feelings I've already expressed elsewhere. It's not a religion in the sense of definite places to worship, clergy, uniforms, heavy on doctrines, and the like. It can be practiced alone, in fact.

    There are beliefs that I haven't yet decided how I feel about, like reincarnation, multiple gods and goddesses to worship or seek favor from, and so on. Time will provide me with some direction either for or against Wicca. Many beliefs are more than just open to multiple beliefs--one can see the universe in terms of the God and Goddess, or the positive and negative polarity of electricity, for example, if visualizing them in human form is too limiting. Wiccans don't recruit or proselytize; you have to find them.

  • Elsewhere

    Where did I turn?

    I turned left at the old gas station with the old man and dog sitting out front in an old rickety rocking chair. The dog, of course, was not in the chair... Ol Zeak was lazily resting on the ground to the mans right shooing the flies with his tail. As I turned the old man politely motioned "Hello" by pulling the old worn out corn cob pipe from his mouth and lifting it a bit.

    I drove on knowing I had met a new friend.

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