Are There More Than One?

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  • Sentinel


    I've been reading posts for a while now, and sometimes it seems that some posters really know each other quite well. I was thinking perhaps that they knew each other prior to coming on the forum.

    How many here went to the same congregation and were friends or family?

    Or how many here did not attend the same congregation at the same time, only to connect again on this forum?

    I sure wish some familiar names of people I've known in my life as a JDub, would turn up on this forum. I've lost contact with some good people, and I just wonder what they are doing, if they got out, etc. It would be so nice to reconnect with them through this shared experience.

    Have any of you experienced any special reunions of this sort?

    Love and LIght,


  • Nikita

    Hi Karen!

    You may recall this from reading my story that Mr. Biggs, Quincy & I are siblings. Also, Badwillie was a friend plus we went to the same hall. I was great friends with Badwillie's sis (wife of Mikepence) but she doesn't post here and I have never actually met Mike face-to-face.

    I feel like there are others who might post here I may be familiar with but haven't "connected" with them yet.


  • Sentinel

    Thanks Nikita,

    I do remember your post, and maybe that's what got me to thinking more about it. It seems like a good question to me, so I hope our friends will respond.


  • DJ

    Hi Sunshine,

    I always seem to be referring people to this It has aplace to hookup with old Wt buddies. I never tried of luck, dj

  • Kingpawn
    Or how many here did not attend the same congregation at the same time, only to connect again on this forum?

    I first became aware borgfree and I attended the same congregation, though years apart, via this site. Caught up with a lot of post-Kingpawn gossip from there that way!

  • Sentinel

    Thanks Donna, I have seen articles from the Freeminds site, but haven't really gotten into it much further. I will certainly have to check that out.

    Kingpawn, how awful to be "somewhere" where people are "talking" about you. Gosh, sometimes I've wanted to be a fly on the wall in certain circumstances, but would probably just get my wittle feelins hurt.


  • Mulan

    Before I came onto this site, I only knew Venice_IT. We had met through friends, who knew we were out of the borg. I had known her father when we were both in the same congregation many years ago, as children. I hadn't seen him for about 45 years.

    Princess is my daughter. SEAKEN2001 is my cousin. I've met several more at Princess' apostofest and at Venice_IT's parent's home, when we have visited them in Florida, over the past year. (We live in Washington State) I met Ros, AlanF and Silentlambs at a conference a year ago.

    A few more old friends have popped in since I started posting. TheRedPill is the son of a couple we studied with. Saltiest and her sister, Kikisdragon, were little girls I knew in the same circuit (they are grown up now).

    We met Makena and Sabine (a married couple) who live in our area, last year, and are now good friends, having dinner together from time to time. (when they are in town and not at their other house on Maui)

  • Sentinel


    Thanks for posting a reply.

    I've thought about emailing you a few times.

    Would that be alright with you?

    We are the same age, and seem to think alike on lots of topics. I always appreciate your comments on the forum.


  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2

    My family and Mulan's family knew each other in Seattle way back when. But Mulan and I were in different congregations and there is a slight age difference so we didn't run in the same circles. If I told you how involved are families were it might give away my real identity, which I'm still a little reluctant to do in such a public place. Also met Venice and her family shortly after becoming inactive. There are a few others that I've discovered I knew while we were all still in the Borg but since we are operating under aliases it took some time to find out those connections. Again, the desire to keep some anonymity prevents me from sharing more information. I am inactive but not unconnected from JW loyalists.

    Mrs Rocky

  • Scarlet

    Random Task and I are married but I don't know anyone else personally at least none seem familar but you never know.

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