XJWs what do U do with your TIME now

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  • LaraCraft
  • ozziepost

    What do I do now? Too bloody much!!!!

    * Help Mrs Ozzie in her business and do a small part of mine (I'm retired).

    * Assist a couple of different churches (different denominations) with their administration.

    * Enrolled in a theology course. This year doing Old Testament studies.

    * Enjoy eating out at two especially good restaurants.

    * Enjoying a good bottle of shiraz (or two )

    * Communicating and sharing with other dubs and exDubs lending them our support.

    * And last but certainly not least...........POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • SYN

    I post on JWD 5 times a week, and I go out on Magazine work every Saturday morning, and on Sundays I attend the Public Talk.

    Just kidding about the last two!


    Well since I'm not completley out. I still spend time going to the meetings. But when I don't go I go to the movies spend quality time talking with my children. Renting movies for the family. Bowling on Saturdays. And my favorite...Taking my wife out to eat on meeting nights she hates it but she can't say no. She loves to eat out!!!


  • JeffT

    I do all sorts of things. I love my job (just got a huge promotion). Spend lots of time talking to wife. Cook (I like to cook and do most of it around our house). I've been writing a lot, my novel is undergoing final edits and I will be seeking an agent soon. On Sunday mornings we work in the nursery at our church - what a change that is, letting the kids relax and play instead of dragging them to a boring meeting and then beating them when they act like bored kids.

  • gumby

    I usually try to rest on saterday from working all week and just kick back. Sundays I do my honey-doo's and yard work......then go Golfing, or fishing, or now........I ride my watercraft.

    I research also in the evenings during the week, come here,etc.

  • Atillathejew

    I play guitar

    I drink

    I play guitar

    I work

    I drink alone in the corner

    I rip my leg hairs

    I rip my arm hairs

    I converted to Judaism

    And feel constant guilt from now being a Jew

    and guilt from my immediate family

    Hooray Hooray Hooray!!!!!!!

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  • RedhorseWoman

    I guess I'm making up for lost time. I'm sampling lots of things that I never had time for as an active JW.....reading, needlework, writing children's stories, learning flute and guitar, internetting, trying to dabble in sculpture, riding my horse....you name it, I'll try it.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    In the fifteen years since I disassociated (my 15 year anniversary comes October 14th), this is what I did...

    1) Went to College (Go Cossacks, um Sea Wolves now)
    2) Went to Grad School (Go Penguins)
    3) Became a high school teacher (Go Jaguars)
    4) And I just started Law School this year (we don't have a mascot, but I will be working feverishly to change that)
    5) Bought real estate at just the right time and made a killing, then became a Land Lady
    6) Got engaged, then bravely called off the wedding at close to the last minute (Woo Hoo)
    7) Maintain a very positive, nurturing relationship with my mother (JW) and father (not JW)
    8) Feel free to sing and listen to any kind of music I want to without worrying if it is from christendom
    9) Read my horoscope everyday (well, I always did that, even before I left)
    10) Go to bed early on Tuesdays and Thursdays (unless I'm in Criminal Law or Contracts classes)


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