XJWs what do U do with your TIME now

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    What do you all do with your free time now guys..like hobbies and what not..like you pioneers there is 75 hrs you have to play Around with if you know what I mean not to mention meetings and bible studying etc. please do share !!! (((((hugs)))) QUEENIE

  • cruzanheart

    I happily joined the PTA and am now the chairperson of the McGruff House program for my children's school. I take walks with the kids. I blow bubbles in the driveway with the kids. I feel more relaxed. I have a LIFE.

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    Graphic design & general artwork - something I dropped for a few years when studying and preaching.

    Music - rediscovering sounds that I banned myself from hearing .... fool that I was.

    Video gaming - exploring digital entertainment (another hobby I dropped like a hot potato) .... Mario Sunshine, I await thee

  • jschwehm

    I read and study chemistry. I also spend more time watching football (the American version.)

    Jeff S.

  • Mulan

    I threw myself full-speed, into my genealogy research. Great fun, and it's neat to find out who you came from, and from where! I found out that my ancestry is full of people who were attracted to unusual religions. (Puritans, Quakers (Puritans persecuted Quakers), Congregationalist ministers, an Episcopalian minister (my great great grandfather), and Christian Scientists. I didn't have a chance.

    Scrapbooks, to record the family history, and the hundreds of photos I have and keep taking.

    I also got involved in the home business I was playing at for 3 years, before I quit. Now I actually make money.

    And.............I watch TV...............one of my JW friends used to ask me all the time: "What do you do at night now, just watch TV?" I said "I do ANYTHING I want to."


    thank you for sharing so far !!! far out...i LIKE GETTING aquainted with you XJWs...I am taking one day at a time with my not so good health and tying up the lines playing with WEBTV and being myself LINDA LOU (queenie) and trying to make people laugh, to name a few things as well as do mundande chores like wash dishes since I do not have a husband or boyfriend that will do them 4 US around here any guys willing to volunteer since they R not trapsing from door to door??? hum??? ans privately at [email protected] OR [email protected] ((((hugs)))))

  • LaraCraft

    [email protected]

    yeah, good luck finding a guy who likes to do dishes...

  • jwbot

    Going to school and being able to work more hours to pay the bills, its nice having tuesday night, thursday night, saturay morning and sunday morning free, thats like 20 extra hours to work!
    Its also nice to play violent computer games (yay for GTA3!) and to party with friends and see R films. hehe.
    Going to college is the most important thing to me also. I would never ever give it up.

  • Crystal

    Queenie, May I suggest you invest in a monkey.They are easier to train than a man.They don't hog the remote.They don't eat much.They don't leave the seat up and they don't complain when you spend alot of time on the phone.

  • Englishman

    Typical day for me:

    8 - 3, I work. I'm self-employed and I run a small business fitting windows. I average 250 climbs up a ladder every day.

    3 - 4:30 I post here.

    4: 30 on, I cook for the family.

    7-ish exercise, swim, use the gym, visit the cinema, read a good book, play scrabble, all with HL.

    9: 30 - 11, I visit me pub!


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