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  • ChrisVance

    I believe that most people believe in god because there're conditioned from a young age to do so. As to what they believe about god most people go along with the crowd. It's now stylish to believe that god has no specific requirements other than believing he/she/it exists, so that's what most people believe.

  • DJ

    I'm with you Crystal ans Undis,

    Unfortunately, you will be argued with here but hey,that's free will. I have heard the argument about predestination and free will and I believe that God has the foreknowlege....that does not take away our free will. He knows ahead of time what we will choose. It takes a lot of humility to kneel before Christ and accept his gift, doesn't it? I've never been more humbled in my life and it is a good kinda humble,eh? I was taught of course, that going to Christ in prayer was wrong and that our prayers should be directed to only Jehovah. As a matter of fact, it was a HUGE step for me to go to Jesus.....it was a scary thing at first.I even had the thought that Jehovah would squash me right then and there! The wt taught me to have unfounded fears and they were instilled very deep in me from a young age.

    When I read the bible and prayed w/o man interfering, I found a completely different gospel. Oh, and that's another thing......Why can't the WT use the word 'gospel'??? They are so bent on being different that they are afraid of the word and have to say Good News. They mean the same thing....just like the words: Congregation=Church and Undeserved kindness=Grace and Obesiance=Worship on and on and on......They are a sad disgrace who mislead many and rob the faith of the sheep. dj

    P.S. and those [brackets] are so deceiving....I read in the front of the NWT that they are inserted to complete the sense....in reality,they change the entire meaning!

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Perhaps humans were cloned by an alien race from somewhere out in the big yonder...and our purpose is for nothing more than doing their drone work. As for God...I'll pass because time's up. Except for those of course who will spend another 2,500 years waiting for their saviour...and we thought the JW were screwy...HA. Please, no Bible scripture necessary. Been there, done that.


  • LDH
    If you look at what Jesus Christ taught: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself and Do to Others what you want them to do to you.

    Why do I need Jesus Christ to teach me these two basic rules of humanity? Are you saying these rules are exclusive to Christians? If not, how do you propose that God communicates these rules to Buddhists or Sihks?

    Why does everyone have to believe *your* lord and savior?


  • Crazy151drinker

    Because I said so! LOL

  • Robdar

    If there is no God, why do humans have morals and ethics?

    Morals and ethics are man made rules to govern behavior in society. Do not confuse the two with God.


  • Bgurltryal
    If you look at what Jesus Christ taught: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself and Do to Others what you want them to do to you.

    It's the golden rule...it's in alot of religions...

    I grew up with no real concept of religion, being taught to research every religion for myself and weigh it's positives and negatives. I considered the bible to be a fictional story as a child. It really is about what one is raised around. To me the idea of god is absured. I do good things not for fear of god or for some promised after death prize but becuase it is in itself rewarding (may sound cheezy but tough! ) This is how I was raised. I can understand the nessecity for a beleif in god, but I just don't have it. Just mah two whole cents worth.

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  • COMF
    you are the false idiots

    I reckon that leaves you as the true idiot, then, huh?

  • abbagail

    Clever comeback, Comf!

    Good point, DJ, about the words used by the WTS in their quest to be "different," i.e., "peculiarly his own."

    Good for you UnDF'd for jumping in there!


  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Let me correct one of my statements above.

    The way I meant to say it was Why do humans have a sense of what is right and what is wrong?

    Why do humans have a conscience which lets them know that murdering a fellow human being is wrong?

    If we never had any laws to govern us, we would still have our consciences telling us that some things are just plain wrong (like murder).

    Do animals have a sense of what is right and what is wrong? If not, why do only humans have this?

    I respect everyone's RIGHT to believe whatever they want to believe.

    I respect everyone's RIGHT to express their beliefs.

    I do, however, have a major problem with a Religion trying to control the lives of its members, and taking over and telling their members what their consciences should be like.

    Yes, I agree that other Religions teach that you should Love your Neighbor as Yourself.

    I personally believe that Jesus Christ is the TRUTH and that He is LOVE.

    It's not just what He taught, it is how He lived His entire Life -- It is His example that we should follow.

    He always helped the helpless, the hungry, the poor, the sick, and the "sinners". He confronted the ones who were taking advantage of those.

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