Vegas, Baby

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  • wasasister

    Woooo Hoooo! Last minute Labor Day weekend trip to Vegas. Three nights, free first-class upgrade flight...all for a song. God, I love September travel deals.

    Anybody want anything? Shot glasses, calendars? Can I place a bet on your favorite number?

    Did I mention, I'm excited??

    Deffinitely Bad Wasa

  • Swan

    Cool Wasa! We went through there on our vacation to the Grand Canyon last May. Being a Star Trek fan, I went to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton. My husband played in the casino. I went on the ride several times, at Quark's and bought lots of dorky souveniers. I LOVED IT!

    BTW, while most people are playing in the casino, the Trekkies are ususally downstairs watching old reruns on the big screen TV. How's that for geeky?


  • bikerchic

    Hey Wassa!!!

    Vegas how awesome!! I hope you have a blast, how could you not?

    Need anything? I would love a T-shirt from In-n-Out.....I have the Cali one, Arizona one and Nevada is the only state missing in my collection.

    Email me and I'll give you the pacticulars and send a check pronto.........hey you better not gamble with my money!! ;o)


  • think41self

    Wasa, I am so jealous!

    I love Vegas. Where are you going to stay? Doug and I stayed at the Luxor for our honeymoon, it was so cool. All the hotels are beautiful though. *Sigh* I hope you have a great time!

    Bet on's my lucky number.


  • wasasister

    Tracy: we're staying at various places. I got wise to the fact that packing up your crap and changing hotels is a great way to save dollars. The first night, we're staying off-strip. After that, we have a choice of several good properties- Paris, Aladdin, Rio- all under $50 per night. Sunday and Monday are really cheap this time of year.

    BC: You got it hon. Check your mail. I believe you are good for the investment.

    I don't play much. I have a pretty good grasp of Craps, thanks to a dear friend, but I usually play video poker, if anything. It's the only slot that gives you the illusion you have some skill input. I know, I know, you don't really...

    Again, Wooo Hooo!!

  • LB

    Wasa if you find the time, would you mind doing a hooker for me???

  • VeniceIT

    hhmmmm how about a picture of the Venitian?????


  • wasasister

    LB: I have plenty of time. I did not originally contemplate ending up on "Taxicab Confessions", but it could be aranged. Does it have to be a female hooker? Good.

    Ven: I think that's very doable, Sweetie. I owe you one for missing NW Apostofest.

  • LB

    OK Wasa, just one more little tiny insignifcant little favor to ask.

    Do the hooker in front of a webcam

    Thanks, knew it wouldn't be a bother.

  • butalbee

    Naughty LB--now go to your room.

    Please play the slots just once for me, the quarter ones, um, the ones w/ the flaming 7's. Please tell them that Lara misses them...

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