Vegas, Baby

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  • Mulan

    Hey Wasa, I just got home from Vegas on Sunday. I stayed at the MGM Grand, and it was great. Last time, two years ago, my convention was at the Rio. I loved it, but don't recommend it if you are sightseeing. It is far from everything, across the freeway. If you don't have a car, you have to take a cab everywhere. It isn't on the strip.

    The machines are great. Play Texas Tea for me!! Or Cash Crop.

  • Elsewhere

    Sorry, but getting a video of a hooker just won't cut it for me... could ya box one up and send her to me? Just make sure she is properly packed for shipping as shown below. (Wouldn't want to get any damaged goods ya know!)

  • morrisamb

    Have a great time! Since I'm going in October, when you get back, report on what shows to see, what slots to play, etc!


  • butalbee

    Elsewhere, hunny, didn't know you had a real life blow up bride. Do you two have anything in common?? LOL.

  • wasasister


    I stayed at the Rio. (Ahhh, such sweet memories...) Not so far away and the best freakin' brunch in town, IMO. Could you ASK for more food?

    Oklee Doklee on the web-cam. Still has to be male hooker, that cool? I just don't bat for the other team.



  • LDH

    I just got back Monday from a 5 day trip. We stayed at the Suncoast in Summerlin. Why, you ask? Because it is surrounded by three "Championship PGA courses." But we got a great deal....4 nights came to $221.

    but of course we drove, so we had a car. If you're not planning on renting a car forget about it.

    Also, the Stardust has a new deal, $44.99 a night plus two free dinner buffets every night of your stay. I think it's

    I actually liked being 15 minutes out, as I am not big on crowds.....

    The Fremont Street experience is great, but as I am no fan of crowds I almost got into some altercations on Saturday night when War and Ohio Players were doing a free concert. Did I mention I don't like crowds?

    I had emailed Rekless before we left and was hoping we could hookup but I never did hear from him. Rekless, I hope you're well.


  • Elsewhere

    butalbee, oh yeah! She loves to "blow" me "up" any time I want!

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