at least two types of people on this board

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  • Omega Man
    Omega Man


    I have been reading posts here for awhile. Some are very Intelligent and Though Provoking. I see at least two types of people posting here. The ones who never beleived in god and who lived a double live throughout their JW lives and the ones who really beleived it to be the truth but eventually came to grips with their doubts and were likely discourged.

  • ballistic

    Omega - nice try. I tried to classify people once on here, but that just adds another group; "those that come here to classify". Obviously, I am in the group "those who classify those who classify group".

    And you forgot "the other group" - but you probably don't know what I mean.

  • Stephanus

    There are two classes of people: those who group people into two classes, and those that don't - I belong to the latter class.

    Who are you, Omega Man - YoYoMama, Fred Hall, Dunsscot/Psychhdigg/HildeBingan/Comforter?

  • expatbrit

    Omega Man:

    Which type are you?


  • SixofNine


    I've met only one person on these forums who didn't believe in God for most of their time as a witness. That person says that from their youth, they didn't really believe that god exist.

    If you're saying that there is "that guy", and "everybody else" as the two groups on the forum, then you are correct.

  • Crazy151drinker

    No there are at least 6 types of posters here:

    1) Male

    2) Female

    3) Both/Dont know

    4) Angelic (ie SS)

    5) Divine (ie Jesus Christ)

    6) Hulk-like (ie Comfortor)

  • WildHorses

    Nah, Steph, Mike Musto is yoyomama. I thought you knew?


    Don`t forget the group that likes Roast Dub sandwich`s and cold beer....or you could end up on the BBQ..LOL...OUTLAW

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  • Stephanus

    I knew he was NYT - but YoYo??

  • WildHorses

    oops, my bad. I was thinking NYT . Sorry

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