How did you view your congregation?

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  • haujobbz

    When i was in my congregation i found it to be a very selfish self spirited congregation,i also found many witnesses to be very easily offended and hyper sensitive oh and i forgot the gossip ohh the gossip was horrendous, this hyper sensitivity really got on my nerves because it was starting to rub off on me and i started to get paranoid and easily offended and i was never like that b4.

    And what [email protected]@ed me off was the fact how brothers on the stage said how loving our congregation was and what a good reputation it was known to have.

    But now i have left and im back to my down to earth happy personality.

  • LB

    Well these days I view my old congregation at about 60mph.

    I thought of our old hall as being super judgemental. Also gossip central.

  • metatron

    My congregation?

    Good hearted losers. All kinds of strange illnesses, bad jobs, unhappy marriages,
    underhanded elders, and lots of entrenched ignorance.

    a sad bunch - you can often see it on their faces.


  • mevirginia
    LB: Well these days I view my old congregation at about 60mph.

  • glitter

    My cong was a load of the most mean, snobby, cruel, stupid, gossipy, ignorant, boring, and just plain *horrible* people you could ever have the misfortune to meet.

  • sleepy

    I found the people in my congregation to be just a typical cross section of local humanity.

    You'll find kind and selfish people where ever you go.

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  • Mum

    There were two significant congregations in my JW experience. They seemed very different from each other, but maybe they weren't really. In the first congregation, I was a teenager, the only member of my family "in the truth." This congregation seemed fairly well educated and advanced for JW's. At the time, I was totally impressed with them because I was really stupid. There might have been just as much pettiness in this congregation as the one I was associated with later on, but I would have missed out on it because of my status as a "new one," without family ties within the org, and without access to the witnesses when they were dishing about the others.

    The second congregation I spent several years at seemed to have a lot more strife, gossip, pettiness, downright meanness, ignorance, prejudice and downright poverty and despair, as well as more families with various problems. I was married to an elder, which gave me access to a lot of stuff I'd rather not have known. The elders were always sniping and gossiping in a way that I then believed was usually confined to females. It was the pits! I always thought I was sick. When I told my daughter about my imaginary illnesses during that time period, her response was, "Of course, Mom. You weren't allowed to say you were unhappy and that you didn't understand why life totally sucked."

    Both congregations were probably standard JW congregations. How sad.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Sleepy, I agree with you. I have met some real nice and decent, honest caring dubs and some real dishonest and self righteous ones. You are right it is no different than what you will find out in the "world". So the dubs do not possess any special qualities that anyone else has.


  • Simon

    You all obviously went to the same congregation that we did but I don't recognise any of you?!

    I guess they are all the same aren't they? (although some are lucky and had some nice people)

  • dsgal

    There was a sense that my old congregation was "owned" by certain families.If you weren't "in the clique",then poo on you.They were stuck-up,self-centered,gossipy,and there was no christian love there.It was a very cold,unchristian-like atmosphere.More like a club for the elite.

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