The Dreaded Elder Visit

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  • Preston
    The elder stammered, and told her to not to talk about such things "in front of my wife."

    LOL, I think that was expected. It's like life is just so filtered out for anyone serving in the upper echelons of the Watchtower faith. It's like you wife was saying "oh, you don't like this?" And the elder was merely resorting to puting his hands over his eyes ("Please, please! turn it off!"). I love screwing with elders...:D

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Thanks to everyone for listening to my little rant. That's one that I really appreciate about this forum, and that's the ability to vent about so much nonsense (not the word I was thinking) that's going on. It's so hard to talk to someone who hasn't been a JW, since there is so much to explain. Usually you get a response of "Well just change churches." I still think the best approach is to just fade away. I'm not afraid of being DF'd, in fact I've already decided that if it comes to it, I'm not going to play their game. I've also decided that no *#@! elder is setting foot in MY house again.

    Lyin Eyes/Wild Turkey: You mean an MS ratted on you? You're kidding! Well if he was so holy, what was he doing there to start with? So has he made elder yet? I wonder how many brownie points he earned . . . .

  • expatbrit

    Tex and Nina:

    That info. you have on the molester is your ACE card! I definitely agree that changing congo's and then fading is a good method, but if it doesn't work and you get hassled, a few hints along the lines of "I wonder how the local press would like to know about the child molester you send to people's doors" will give them a very good reason to leave you alone.

    Best of luck


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