The Dreaded Elder Visit

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I just need to get this off my chest.

    My wife, Nina, received a visit tonight from her book study conductor and his wife. Now she's made every meeting since I stopped going 14 years ago. Mostly the Witnesses have ignored her and our children, which is not pleasant, but at least they haven't gone out of their way to hurt them. Until. A few months ago my son came down with something called post-viral arthritis. He was in a great deal of pain, but thank God the virus went away after a month. It attacked his joints and prevented him from walking and so he was in a wheelchair for about 3 weeks. Well one Tuesday night they all got dressed and packed the wheelchair in the car and went to the meeting. Only a couple of people commented on my 6 year old son and no one (even an elder who stopped to ask for my wife's time) seemed terribly concerned, or wondered where she had been for the pas tmonth. A week later the Dateline show was broadcast. Afterward I told Nina that if we allow our kids to grow up "in the truth" either they will be like the Witnesses and grow up to hurt people, or they will be hurt by the Witnesses. There isn't a third choice. She hasn't been to a meeting since.

    After a couple of months, her book study conductor noticed her absence and called. 14 years of anger, shame, humiliation and outrage was bottled up inside her. She didn't hold anything back and let him have it all. Among the many colourful things she told him was that no one cared. Well now he's trying to prove her wrong. Especially now that the CO's visit is next month.

    He came over tonight to show her how "concerned" he is and (at least, I think) to show her how her faith has been weakend by her "bad attitude". Naturally he blamed her absence from the meetings on me, The Unbelieving Husband (TM). At that point, Nina reached in her briefcase and pulled out a colour photo of a registered (and convicted) sex offender that was in her previous congregation. She slammed it down on the kitchen table and told him that this person, who is still in very good standing naturally, and others like him is why she stopped going. (Of course the elders in that congregation didn't allow any warnings to be given to unsuspecting parents not to let him be alone with their children, since that would be slander.) The elder stammered, and told her to not to talk about such things "in front of my wife."

    As he was about to leave he said a prayer, and asked Jehovah to help Nina get her attitude readjusted. As he was leaving he said that he would come by another day with "a brother" (read: elder) to "encourage" her. She called me tonight to tell me the whole story and was very shaken by the whole thing. She's not afraid of being DF'd, although it mean losing some close friends, but she is feeling pretty stressed out at an implied threat. I told her that what she needs to do is to change congregations and then just fade away. Slip through the cracks. But I think that will need to wait for another day, as she's feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. All I know is they better not come when I'm home, or so help me I'll tear them a new one.

    I've never understood the perverse thrill these people get out of intimidating others, threatening and controlling their lives. This is Christian love? Anyway, thanks for letting me vent a little. That's one thing I find invaluable and very special about this board.

  • Farkel

    : He came over tonight to show her how "concerned" he is and (at least, I think) to show her how her faith has been weakend by her "bad attitude".

    Yeah, he's really concerned after FOURTEEN YEARS: concerned about making HER wrong and making the CO's stats look better.

    Those idiots are so transparent and self-serving, it's unbelievable.


  • professor

    If the elder was so concerned about what was being said in front of the little wifey, why was she brought along on a shepherding call? In reality he has to go ask Mommy Watchtower what to do next. It may be too late to fade out now. Now that she has voiced doubts, she must either be re-assimilated or eliminated.

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  • WildTurkey

    Hey Big TX, sorry to hear your wife had to deal with that, even more sorry your boy had to go through what he did, and yall having to deal with that. I would not let them visit my wife alone, I would be right there with her if the Elders wanted to visit, tell them they should have no problem with you being present, and if they do have a problem with you being there, act like they are trying to show improper interest in your wife.

  • ugg

    how awful......hugs for all of you.....especially your son!!

  • LyinEyes

    Oh MY GOD,,,,,,, this makes me so mad!!! Your family sounds like ya'll have been thru hell. There is nothing like having a sick child and no one giving a damn. You are 100% right they are only showing concern because they want to, at the last minute impress someone, or get their butts out of trouble for not helping sooner.

    I went thru something similar with the man I used to call Daddy( sorry I have alot of anger) , last year 4 days before a circuit assembly he drives the 40 mins to my house to get me to go to the assembly. He before that point had not had any contact with me for several months. I had in the year before that begged him to help build our relationship back and I had only him since my mom died 16 yrs ago. I waited and waited and no calls. The only and I mean the ONLY reason he came by my house is, he heard we stopped meetings, no one knew why, and he wanted to buck for getting back to being an elder. He thought if he could get me to go back it would be brownie points for himself. I told him NO!!!

    At that point my dad still had no real idea why I was not going back. End of story, end of him trying to help me come back, he even called on the cell phone on Sat. to see if I would come on Sunday. I guess one last effort to make himself look good.

    The elders in our congregation, bothered me and Wild Turkey for months off and on about our spiritual problems and questioned why we lefted, we kept cool about why, we were not ready to tell it all, because of my hubby's work. Not once did they ask about Jacob, our oldest who was just 14 at the time. Jake was an outstanding public speaker, put in field service time, had various congregation assignments, even carried the mics. Not once in all those months to a year did they ever ask to encourage him, ask if he was doing ok, it was like he didnt exsist anymore. My own dad never asked about him either, but I expected that from him.

    After the District convention an elder brought by some of the new books and I couldnt tell him no I didnt want them , he caught me off guard, he then asked how is Jake? I said he had a cold, he said, Oh to bad. That was it , after a year had gone by. The only concern shown was a year too late,Jake hates them now.

    I hope you can reason with your wife and tell her how others have been treated the same way. They don't care, they may show concern only for their own benefit. If it will make them look good in the C.O.'s eyes or other elders they will make a pretense of brotherly love. It is a lie.

    Our youngest son was born 2 months early, and I know I am telling so much and I hate to ramble on, but I can't even tell you the lack of concern for our family at that time. I was in ICU for over 2 weeks trying to not go in labor , and then he was still born 2 months early. The one elder showed up one time, the friends were even worse, no love at all. No phone calls, no meals to my hubby and other two kids, my daughter Kelly was only 17 months old and Wild Turkey had his hands full trying to take care of her, thank god for his Mama or he would have not been able to work or do other things. There were so callled "worldly" people ( JW term) , that brought by food and showed concern.

    I am just telling you this so you might can show your wife. I hope you can save your family out of that loveless , hypocritical cult. Like you said,,,,,, someone will be hurt by the JW's , by being abused or growing up miserable .

    Sincerely ,


  • Mary

    They came over to see your wife when you weren't home?? What a bunch of frigging COWARDS. If I were you, I would phone this elder and tell him that he is NOT allowed in your home to speak to your wife unless you are present.

    This is what their own rules say anyway isn't it?

    Seeing as this brain-dead elder isn't willing to discuss the pedophile problem within the Organization, then it would probably be best if your wife simply didn't talk to them any more. She's under no obligation to meet with them, she never appeared on Dateline and she hasn't DA herself. They have no grounds to DF her, and after she made the comment about the pedophile, the elder probably isn't too keen on discussing it further.

    If he tries bringing another elder by, your wife should say something like "I've got a real bad case of PMS, so if you want to risk it, by all means, come by and talk to me." :-)

    I guarantee you, they won't.


    Oh, this brings back so many memmories. Yes, their LOVE has no end, because it never had a beginning.

    I'm so sorry for what you have gone through, and what you will be going through. They will cast the blame of disloyalty and spiritual weakness on her. They will demean her very existance and walk away feeling that they have vindicated Jehovah and themselves, because they have cleansed the cong. of an unworthy one. It's amazing when one needs spiritual upbuilding and assistance, they can't deliver. Why? Because they are to busy trying to enlarge the ranks and #s by going out in service. So sad.

    I'll be thinking of you.


  • Nanoprobe

    I don't want you guys to be DF'd! It's too much stress to deal with and too much pain. "Nina" has so much to lose after a life time in the org. What about her dad? My policy is I put 30 years into this organization, the friends I made are mine, I earned them. After 30 yrs I deserve some benefits and I will not easily let the elders take them away. Nina has even more employment time than I do. Probably fading is your best bet for now. We had our trailer out on the Lake and there is this small hall at Branch. That may be too far but can you find another hall that does not have Ozbeck for the CO? He seems like a wonderful guy but the reality is different.

    I can't believe that elder didn't want this wife knowing EBF was a convicted registered sex offender. It's called public information in the state of Texas. But those idiot elders in our hall told us their wives didn't know anything about him either, that sure makes it easier to cover up the crime, doesn't it? And that's why those women are willing to go up and hug him and welcome him to the hall. Bro Frank & JB ran the only good hall in the area and they stand up to the idiots in PP.

    It's one thing to attend week after week with a child in a wheel chair, I suppose everyone gets used to it. But to have a perfectly healthy little boy and then show up in a wheel chair is a different story. I have tried to come up with an explanation of why the congregation would not have just run over and asked about your son: Here it is : One elder had just been caught fooling around with a single young pioneer sister, it was public knowledge as their picture had been in the DMN. Both were naked and on a motorcycle, the whole hall was snickering and joking about it so intensely that they didn't notice Nina. After a while a few sisters calmed down and quit laughing long enough to look for Nina but she was already gone.

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  • dsgal

    They always do somebody shitty and then act like it's your own fault.Something similar to this story happened to me also.And then they were at my door all the time begging me to come back to the meetings.They said"You have to serve Jehovah, not men".Well, I don't want to serve a God who's people are stuck up and hurtful.Don't even talk to them when he brings an elder back with him.I say, if you only have to serve God,then he's also the only one you have to answer to.To hell with them.

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