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  • minimus

    "the influence of you evil apostafarians".....ya mon!....kinda like Rastafarians.

  • blondie

    minimus, why was I privately marked? Jealousy of some elders' wives who lied to others to divide me from their special friends. The lying back-fired because some kind soul approached me to try and help me adjust. The lie was easily proved and embarrassed some elders and their wives when the CO chastised them. That made them even more determined but more cautious.

    Unfortunately, there are people like this in every congregation and they very rarely receive any discipline.

    I keep a lower profile now and try hard not to be a target. Women who do not have a properly submissive appearance attract negative attention.

    Where is the love?

  • Beans

    Oh yeah, everyday, I lived with the Presiding Overseer.


  • butalbee

    Afraid no way. Annoyed and harrassed everyday.

  • FreeFallin

    I hate to admit it but I was terrified. I don't think well on my feet and possess the insane idea that I must answer everyone truthfully if they question me. Since I was considered "spiritually weak," there were frequent admonitions and "encouragement." Some were OK, some were not.

    I finally am free of that fear, and it feels oh so good.

    Free(from fear of men)

  • Mac

    I was until I learned that i could scare them!

  • glitter

    Never was scared of elders, I just *really* disliked them (not a fan of authority in general) - I don't know if I ever thought of them as any more "important" than anyone else (got let down by them too often), and I never got told off by one for any more than running in the hall or something and probably only once or twice.

    I'm worried about my mum getting disfellowshipped for something and it being my fault for coming here or showing her the UN stuff or using her card to buy "Crisis of Conscience" because the online store doesn't take mine. I think I'm scared of the power they have over people.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    Just thought I would jump in here.

    I was not afraid but my mother sure was. One time I was receiving "loving counsel" for something the elders' kids accused me of doing to throw their dads off their own "worldly behavior". I, of course, was innocent, but because my dad was not an idiot (read "not a JW") and the elders' kids my age would band together (3-4 witness rule here), I was an easy scapegoat, detracting from their own debauchery.

    One of the elders tried to explain to me that what I had done was a "textbook example" of bad behavior. Only he couldn't come up with the phrase "textbook example". I knew it was the phrase he was trying to come up with but I wasn't about to give him the words he wanted to use against me.

    I was delighted at his inability to be articulate with me and had a difficult time keeping the smirk off my face and giggles out of my throat. As it became apparent I was not even in the county during this "alleged" misbehavior (kissing a worldly boy, in public...I knew better than to do THAT anywhere I might be seen!), and there was no way the accusers could have seen me do anything, let alone macking on the captain of the football team, the elder got more and more flustered in his attempts to "counsel" me.

    In my self-appointed exit, I said over my shoulder..."Brother Malto-mouth, what I believe we have here is a TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE of bearing false witness." The other elder there laughed with me, as I marched out of his house and slammed the door. Of course I later got nailed for not being "submissive" enough, but it was too late. I had never respected, feared or looked up those clumsy oafs.


  • minimus

    welcome Shoshana and thanks for your story.

  • bigboi

    Afraid? Nope. More like disappointed.

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