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  • minimus

    Lately, I see a trend going on regarding how congregation members view the elders. More and more, I hear people say "I wouldn't tell ANYTHING to the elders if they questioned me.Years ago all an elder had to say is "we want to talk with you" and a meeting commenced. Now, there is a view that the elders CAN'T tell me what to do anymore. When you were associated, were you afraid of the elders? Did you ask "HOW HIGH?" when they asked you to jump? Or did you always feel that whatever they wanted to know was none of their business?

  • Dismembered

    In my early years not afraid, but intimidated by one really fat pig.

    and one toilet cleaning dumbass

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  • Gopher

    To be honest, yes I had some fear of them. It seemed like they had so much authority on their side -- Jehovah, the organization, etc., and the power to "disfellowship". Only in retrospect do I see some of them for the pseudo-power-wielding buffoons that they are. Not all tried to be feared, some were actually approachable.

  • The_Bad_Seed

    As a good friend of mine put it once:

    "When it becomes your wifes crotch that I was yanked out of, then I will feel the need to answer to you. For the time being, leave me alone. My father is looking for me."

    After having heard that, I realized that they were about as much as a figurehead and authority to me as my morning bowls of oatmeal.

  • Francois

    No. It was proven early on that I could out think any elder or group of elders. They avoided conversation with me, meaningful conversation anyway. I had the nasty habit of asking questions they couldn't answer.

    F*CK elders. If it weren't for that rod up their ass stuck into the ground on the other end, most of them couldn't even stand up. Fear that? You must be kidding.


  • minimus

    Dismembered, That is a hysterically, funny response.

  • Dismembered

    Ditto Francois

  • RubyTuesday

    I would'nt say afraid..I totally did not trust them..after they spread rumors about me!!

  • Dismembered

    Under the guise of "New Light" elders suck

    Min ;-)

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  • freedom96

    Of course! When people are given the power that they have, in can be scary. Especially when you have someone predisposed to having a craving for power, it can get to their head. When I was a kid, I remember not only having to face parents for discipline, but the elders.

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