Apostates=people who want to get revenge against

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  • teenyuck

    I got this e-mail from my mother. I sent her CoC and many, many docs documenting all the false prophocies. She does not want any part of the real "truth."

    I now am going to have to send her a letter detailing my thoughts. I have tried to discuss these issues and she always hangs up. (she is in Chicago, I am in Ohio)

    Her mind is clearly closed. I really thought she might start to think for herself. She likes being a JW sheep, being told what to do, how to do it and getting justification for her actions. She is a cowardly, spineless, thoughtless moron.

    It just makes me sick. She does not even know, and is unwilling to look up, the term "apostate" and learn what it really means.

    Hi Tina,

    I read all this stuff. As I said to you, I will continue to worship Jehovah and believe in the Bible.

    As for disfellowshipped individuals: When they are d.f.'s, some return and some go on to become apostates (people who want to get revenge against J.W.'s).

    Apostates sometimes twist or color their stories, sometimes outright lie to justify or minimize what they did wrong. Whatever are their own personal motives is their own business. They want to beat up on Jehovah's Witness for catching them and disciplining them for doing something which they knew was violating Bible principles. Sometimes, they want to collect a following for themselves, so they band stand. Sometimes they want to pull others down.

    In any case, we can see how they band together for support. You read the stuff they put out there like it's 100% truth. How do you know that?

    If anybody is unjustly d.f.'d, they can appeal to Society who will look into the matter and make corrections.

    In the meantime, why are you so against J.W's? Nobody d.f.'d you or shunned you.

    So, what's with the band wagon? Sounds like you are trying to convince me to dump Jehovah and dump being one of Jehovah's Witnesses and follow you. I cannot do that. You have a free will to do or follow your heart and I choose to follow Jehovah and stick with his organization.

    I love you,


  • The_Bad_Seed

    I get the same typical 'dub-bot' responces from friends and family alike that I talk to in regards to the Borg. They just refuse to think.

  • Nikita

    Sigh, I can recall a time when I would have felt the same about "apostates."

    ((((((((Tina)))))))) I hope that you are able to find a way through all the walls she has bulit up.


  • Valis

    Sounds kind of like my mom...it really is sad when you present refutations and simple facts to them and they see you as bitter or just wanting revenge. I'm not even sure there is an adequate revenge for having to be a JW...


    District Overbeer

  • Pathofthorns

    Maybe now is not the time to keep hitting your mom hard with "information". She seems to indicate at the end that she lets you do what you want with your life so you should let her do the same. While you might not agree with her and it is difficult to watch her waste her life in this religion, sometimes you have no other option but to let her choose to do so.

    You got a "love MOM" at the end which is more than many of us would get. My suggestion would be to NOT discuss these issues further as she is well aware of your position. The best thing for you imo is to get on with living a happy life. Eventually i think most people realize things are not all cracked up to be what they hoped and if and when she is ready she will talk with u about these things.

    In the meantime, if they are convinced the Koolaid tastes good you cannot convince them otherwise and might make matters worse if you push things. Sometimes it is good to go the "we agree to disagree" route but keep the mother-daughter thing going.


  • Mary

    Tina, I noticed your mother was pretty vague on what exactly apostates "want". Her view, of course, is that being an apostate is the worse thing a JW can become - it's paramount to being classified as Judas Iscariot in their eyes.

    You may want to try something more subtle with your mom. I would say to her something like you would be willing to listen to her side if she can show you in any of the Society's publications examples of 'apostates', specifically what did they say against the Organization (nothing vague like 'they want people to doubt' or 'they are trying to entice us away from the truth'.....it has to be specific examples.....surely that shouldn't be too difficult to find???).

    If she can show you examples of false things that apostates have said, and how the Governing Body used THE BIBLE to show them wrong, then you're all ears.

    We know that she won't be able to come up with ANY examples because any articles on apostacy is always really vague and never really tells you any subject matters that have come up and how they've backed up their beliefs using the bible - because they can't and they don't.

    Might make her start to think a bit.........

  • expatbrit

    Hello Tina:

    I'm sorry to hear that your Mom wont listen. However, I also think that a "cooling off" period might be best, rather than a letter which will probably only have negative results.

    It may be that the best way to go is to demonstrate the benefits of Wathgtower-free life. Be happy, enjoy life, be friendly to your Mom when you see her, and steer clear of the thorny subject of religion. This may do more than hard info. to make her change her views. It will also avoid giving her justification for believing that Watchtower stereotypes of those who leave are correct.

    Best wishes,


  • outoftheorg

    Sadly I must agree with pathofthorns. The more you try with some, the stauncher they become in their beliefs.

    At least there is contact with your mom, be happy with that and let it be.

    There is always the possibility that something else will catch her eye and solve the pboblem for you.


  • teenyuck

    TBS, Nikita, Valis, Path, Mary, expat, outof,

    Thank you all for your input. I know you are correct about the cooling off period.

    She watched the Dateline show, saw the Panorama one (I sent her the link) and has agreed that the GB and most elders are a bunch of lying, hypocritical bums.

    "But, they have the truth...what else is there."

    When I challenge her to go over the false, lying information, she says they are "just human; imperfect and will make mistakes."

    I want to vomit. It seemed like she was just starting to have brain cell activity. Now it has stopped. The GB and elders can feel secure that they have her for life.

    Since I found this site (how many of us have said that?) I have really been questioning her and the whole dub system. She always shuts me down. For years I took swipes periodically. Never concentrated. I have been concentrated the last year.

    I am torn between pushing her to see if she would 'turn me in' and just letting it drop. I know letting it drop is the proper thing to do. I am going to try. I think if her back were against the wall she would turn me into the elders and next time I visited, they would be "visiting" her when I came by. Since I have to plan my Chicago trips in advance, she just might do it. I will let it drop.

    It is just so frustrating to have her so close to opening her eyes, only to have them snap shut. I know you all understand and I truly appreciate the feedback and the opportunity to share this with you all.

    {{{Hugs}}} to all of you,


  • Hyghlandyr

    Your mom is WAY off base. Despite my band post, I dont want no band wagon.

    I became an apostate cause JW broads are hotties. Thus Ex JW broads are hotties. As to running my own cult...I figure ex JWbroads have plenty of experience with cults so the only thing I have to indoctrinate into them is


    AH YEAH... That is why I left.....wiminz!

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