Why Is Smoking A Disfellowshipping Offense?

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  • plmkrzy

    I think the tobacco industries should have to pay for what ever it takes to help anyone who wishes to quit.

    It's easy to buy a pack of cigarettes; no one needs a prescription for that! But in order to quit if one needs something to aid in taking the edge off, you have to see a doctor and get a prescription for it and prove you need help to quit.

    That is ridicules. Where the hell is the balance in that.

    The only ones qualified to debate the matter are those who are addicted and the government and the medical INDUSTRY.

    Of course everyone has an opinion and rightly so, but opinions don't help.

    I just started "ZYBAN" this week.

    The doctor told me to continue smoking for at least a week to give the medication a chance to be well into my system and then stop smoking gradual. This apparently has been the most successful statistically so that is what I am going to do.

    Being addicted to tobacco is a curse for those addicted.

    My sons have seen what I have gone through several times with withdrawal when trying to quit. They want no part of it.

    And they are extremely supportive and encourage me a lot. They don't NAG or nitpick or preach which is WOUNDERFUL.

    I appreciate that.

    And the WTS disfellowshiping people for smoking is one of the stupidest things they have ever done. IMO.

    There is no base for it in any bible. So as long as they are disfellowshiping people for smoking they should disfellowship themselves for not offering ANY SUPPORT! Which they absolutely DO NOT! That is a bigger sin IMO


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  • Sentinel

    I suppose the original question has been answered about why it's an offense with the borg. Addiction is usually genetic. People can be addicted to just about anything. My husband has tried to quit smoking, and was having a difficult time of it, so he gave up for awhile. He is sober now, and says that trying to quit smoking is much harder. He still has that for a goal for next year. One thing at a time.

    Meantime, I am fifty pounds overweight. When I was a size ten, everyone around said I needed to gain weight. So, I did...no really, I think I stayed thin so long because of my age, and because of all the adrenalen that I was producing just to survive this life for so many years. In those days, "I lost my appetite" when bad times overtook my world.

    Since then, I've become more relaxed in a better marriage and less restrictive life, and got taken out to eat more often, and just had no clue that my body would pull a fast one on me and decide that I was going to take on pounds and not be able to get them off. Plus, I'm with a man who totally accepts ME, no matter what I weigh--within reason.

    When I was put on anti-depressants, I was never told that the main side affect was weight gain. Of course, had I been more knowledgeable, I would have asked, but I trusted the doctors. Once a person's metabolism changes, it is changed, and it's very, very difficult to get it back, if ever. Also, as you age, things happen, like hormone changes, etc. A woman really does have a time of it, plus all the other pressures going on to "fit in" with mainstream society. The slim world we ladies SEE around us, in the ads, the clothing stores, movies, TV.

    I have a great deal of empathy for truly obese people. I don't believe they want to be the way they are. It just goes too far. Emotional problems do things to people and food is a great comforter. Being obese is really unhealthy, but it is personal. A person's diet is their business. We are what we eat.

    I know I grab the wrong foods, so I just need to make a firm commitment and get back on track. It's still so darn discouraging to "diet", so I don't call it that.

    Smoking is harmful to ones health, but is also a personal choice. There are no laws against smoking or overeating. My husband says he wishes that smoking was against the law, because then he would have real incentive to stop. At least the TV or ads don't promote smoking anymore, not the way FOOD is put in front of us all the time, everywhere.

    Anyway, I'm not into judging people. Just don't blow smoke in my face and that's fine. My husband does not smoke inside the house--his choice, which makes me happy. And, he doesn't smoke in my car, my choice. But, when we go out to eat, we always go to the smokers section. It's give and take.

    Some days I get behind vehicles that blow their exhaust into my airways, and probably do much more damage than a smoker's cigarette. I believe we are being manipulated by the chemical additives in the foods we buy and the cigarettes we purchase. (Just look at Equal for instance. It contains Aspartame, which can be toxic if taken in large quantities, and lethal to others.)


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