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  • Yadirf

    Check out Yadirf's Playtoys

    - which includes one type of race car that hits the track here where I live every Saturday nite. And don't forget to try out the sound. You may have to wait a minute until the page is fully loaded in order to operate the audio players.



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  • minimus

    Yardif is balanced.

  • jschwehm

    Hi Gang:

    When I was a JW, we would have gatherings where people would watch Football together on Sunday afternoons. One sister was invited who was greatly offended by this and would accuse those who watched the event of being Satan worshippers. I found out later that this sister really loved watching soap I made a deal with her. I would not complain to her about her soap opera addiction if she would cut us some slack on watching football. It worked out okay after that.

    Jeff S.

  • LDH

    Well, tennis is OK only *if* you are able to contribute a hefty part of your winnings to the WBTS!!!!



    I`ll bet WBTS uses this information at one of their public specticals,an assembly.Where they will talk about the support of a plan,to wipe out most of the earths population..A lot gorryier than any gladiater event,and WBTS is the advertising team and cheerleader organizers...OUTLAW

  • neyank

    They want to take away any and every kind of enjoyment the r&f JW has outside of the WTS.
    It's no wonder JWs look foward to earths inhabitants being anihilated.

    They basically have NOTHING but what mother org. gives them.

    Which is NOTHING but burdens upon burdens upon burdens.

    The JWs claim they aren't brainwashed?

    They aren't allowed to read anything the WTS doesn't want them to read, enjoy any activity the WTS doesn't want them to enjoy, basically do anything the WTS doean't want them to do.

    And they say they aren't controlled?!?!?

    Bike racing as well as any other sport is not condemned in the Bible.
    So why is the WTS going beyond what is written?!?!?

    The answer:::: CONTROL


  • Englishman

    I used to take part in banger-racing. Basically, it's an old wreck, we had to fit a full harness + a 1 gallon fuel tank with a cut off switch within reach + full face helmet.

    The car would always be destroyed, so we just whip out the harness, fuel tank etc and find another car for next weeks race. Granadas and Vanden Plas' were the best vehicles for absorbing race damage.


  • Sunspot

    "I used to take part in banger-racing. Basically, it's an old wreck, we had to fit a full harness + a 1 gallon fuel tank with a cut off switch within reach + full face helmet."

    Hi Eman,

    Reminds me of what we used to call "Demolition Derby" races YEARS ago at Riverside Speedway in Agawam, MA back in the 50s-60s! GREAT FUN!!!

    (The "Figure 8" races were pretty good too!)



  • minimus

    Many sports, then, could be viewed as violent. Imagine getting hit with a 150 mph. serve in the head? It could kill you. Or imagine getting whacked by a baseball, football, soccerball, or basketball? Maybe it could be deadly! Or imagine trying to win a marathon, only to keel over and die. Sledding too, is quite dangerous! Obviously, people get killed every year skiing and playing golf. Being involved in such sports would have to be considered by thinking persons as a a lack of appreciation for the sanctity of life.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Now it's car races. Let's see... just off the top of my head, the following activities are deemed "unspiritual"

    Car Races
    MTV & Music Videos
    Disco Music (OK I'm dating myself)
    Proms (Sexual Immorality in the Limo's)
    After school sports
    I even got in trouble for reading old WT books (old light)
    Masturbation (you'd think they'd get a grip)
    Oral Sex (I think they bit off a bit more than they can chew on that one)

    Anybody else can think of anything?

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