Why would God want/need worship from you?

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  • sleepy

    If there is a God, why would God want/need worship from you?

    The only people who want to be worshipped or adored by the world tend to be mad dictators and film star etc.Its a quality I've always hated the desire to have strangers love you even though they don't know you personnally, and I tend not to like people who look up to celebrities etc who they don't know.

    So why would a god want your worship?

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Sleepy, it's called RESPECT! My father was not a father to me nor my mother a mother to me, but yet, I have respect for them. God doesn't need us or anyone. Do you have friends or children, why, and how do YOU feel about them? My question is, what and how do WE personally contribute to a better society? Do we personally take the bull of life by the horns and make life richer for ourselves and others? Yes, I have and do help others, but if these people do not want to help themselves, who's to blame, me, God, the community, how about kicking the dog? We all have differing circumstances, it's making the best of those circumstances that will determine our happiness.

    Guest 77

    Guest 77

  • berten

    >If there is a God, why would God want/need worship from you?

    Because God(s) are human creations and are given human feelings,
    for example:God's Wrath,a Loving God,etc...
    This makes it easy to manipulate complete populations:
    put fear into them if they don't do what "God" want.
    ("God" being just the handpuppet of the powers that be/were.)

    A good fictional example is the story of the movie "Stargate"...

  • Undecided

    Why would God need sacrificies of animals, and humans, especially his own son? If you are a member of a mainline christain religion with the idea of the trinity doctrine, why would God sacrifice himself, to himself, so he could forgive current humans for a sin they never committed?

    Ken P.

  • sleepy

    Sleepy, it's called RESPECT No its called worship.

    I can respect people, but if a person required respect of me I would question his motives.

  • Englishman

    Good point, Sleepy!

    I always believed that respect was earned from others. Respect that is demanded is only a means to fear, surely?


  • outnfree

    S/He doesn't.


  • Scully

    >>>Why would God want/need worship from you?<<<

    For the same reason that God needs the foreskins from 8-day old little boys. He's a madman.

    Love, Scully

  • Amazing

    When we think of "worship" we may envision people groveling at the boots of a god. I am not sure that the creator meant to receive this kind of blind devotion. Jesus, the great revisionist, said that we are to love God with our whole heart, soul, and mind. So, maybe a better statement is why would God want/need our love?

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Sleepy, if you had my mother as your commander and chief, you would know what I am talking about.

    As to respect, this means giving people their choice, be it good or bad because it is their choice. Once we begin to decide what's best for others are we not bordering on being dictators? How many times have you given good suggestions and it went down the tiolet? What do you then? I do not answer for others any more than they answer for me.

    Guest 77

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