Child Sexual Abuse Not In 10 Commandment, Why Not?

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    Guest 77

    Plmkrzy, Yes, I have been a victim of pedophilia and so have my fleshly brothers. I have lived with it for 54 years. This evil man was not a witness but a man who posed himself as a family friend.

    Each and everyone of my brothers lives and deal with the abuse differently,and that's why I can say with certainty that all abuse victims react differently. Some will never reveal it while others it's a gradual process. The sooner a victim deals with this experience the sooner he can get on with his/her life. It is a struggle and my brothers are struggling. I cannot nor will I speak in behalf of others because the degree of abuse differs with each individual. As I continue to say, pedophiles pass a death sentence on their victims. Thus far, female victims are more open to this subject than the their male counterparts. Why, or am I wrong?

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  • abbagail

    I didn't do an exhaustive search, but this is what I remembered from my days in the KHall.

    Though not all sex abuse is by a blood relative, the fact that incest, etc. was covered in Leviticus Chapter 18... close enough for me!

    Leviticus 18:6: "You people must not come near, any man of you, to any close fleshly relative of his to lay bare nakedness. I am Jehovah." (Even though it says, "any man of you," the principle would apply to those who may not have reached full manhood yet, I would think).

    Sibling "Sex Abuse": Lev. 18:9: "As for the nakedness of your sister, the daughter of your father or the daughter of your mother, whether born in the same household or born outside it, you must not lay bare their nakedness."

    "Sex Abuse" by a Grandfather: Lev. 18:10: "As for the nakedness of the daughter of your son or the daughter of your daughter, you must not lay bare their nakedness, because they are your nakedness."

    Step-Family/Sibling "Sex Abuse": Lev. 18:11: "As for the nakedness of the daughter of your father's wife, the offspring of your father, she being your sister, you must not lay bare her nakedness."

    (vs. 12-13-14-15-16 deals with aunts, uncles, daughters-in-law, sisters-in-law).

    "Sex Abuse" w/mothers & daughters & granddaughters: Lev. 18:17: "The nakedness of a woman and her daughter you must not lay bare. The daughter of her son [granddaughter] and the daughter of her daughter [granddaughter] you must not take in order to lay her nakedness bare. They are cases of blood relationship. It is loose conduct."

    There may be other scriptures that apply in principle (i.e., not to lay down with father's wife -- in reverse that would be "sex abuse" of the wife with the son; and the scriptures of men lying with men -- at whatever age, in principle, would be the same as "sex abuse" of boys).

    "Do not make yourselves unclean by any of these things, because by all these things the nations whom I am sending out from before you have made themselves unclean. Consequently the land is unclean, and I shall bring punishment for its error upon it, and the land will vomit its inhabitants out. And you yourselves must keep my statutes and my judicial decisions, and you must not do any of all these detestable things, whether a native or an alien resident who is residing as an alient in your midst. For all these detestable things the men of the land who were before you have done, so that the land is unclean.... In case anyone DOES any of all these detestable things, then the souls doing them must be cut off from among their people. And you must keep your obligation to me not to carry on any of the detestable customs that have been carried on before you, that you may not make yourselves unclean by them. I am Jehovah your God." (Lev. 18:24-30)

    I agree with Plum - COMMON SENSE.


  • Amazing

    Coveting is prohibited by the 10th commendment. I suppose that Hebrews would consider various crimes a form of coveting. Jesus, the Great Revisionsist said to love our neighbor as ourselves ... so, in the broader context, abusing a child would not be loving one's neighbor. Jesus did say that such love summed up the whole law ... which at least infers that Hebrews understood that the law was about loving one's neighbor and not doing harm.

    Also, the Law was not given the the majority of humans. Does that mean that if one was not Hebrew one could murder etc? I don't think so. Ancient peoples all the way up through the early part of the 20th century to carry out vigilante justice ... it was just understood that when someone did that kind of crime that they were taken out in secret and given what they deserve. Nowadays, people are much more reliant on government to do their dirty work.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    plmkrazy, when did I post, "Disciples of Sibyl?" I thought I posted, 'thehappyheretic.' Are you confusing me with someone else?

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  • Scully

    There are prohibitions on incestuous relationships in Leviticus.

    However, that didn't stop Abraham from marrying his half-sister. And what about Cain's wife?? Didn't Lot have sex with both of his daughters and impregnate them? There are plenty of examples of "faithful men of old" whom we would consider 'dirty old men' by our own modern standards.

    The other thing is, and I'm not defending sexual abuse of minors, just pointing out historical evidence, is that it was commonplace for young girls to be given in marriage to MUCH MUCH older men as soon as their reproductive ability became evident (ie, they started menstruating). The marriages were arranged between the groom and the bride's parents, she rarely had any choice in the matter. If the prospective groom was acceptable to the parents and could pay the bride-price (an older well-established man would be more likely to be able to do so) then the marriage took place.

    We're talking about two totally different social-political-economic environments. We no longer think of women as property to be bought and sold like cattle. We now have rights: to vote, to be educated, to own property, to earn our own money, to use birth control, to say NO to sexual advances, etc.

    We've come a long way. But your point is well taken: Theft has been considered wrong for millenia. Yet there are still thieves. Murder has been outlawed for millenia, yet there are still murderers. Adultery is against the Ten Commandments, yet there are still adulterers and adulteresses.

    Coveting has been condemned for centuries, but how do you prove it? When someone covets a child sexually and they don't act on their desires, is that not like a person who sees their neighbour's Mercedes and wants one of his own, but doesn't steal the one his neighbour has? How do you control "coveting"? You can't. You can punish people for their actions, but how do you justify punishing someone for their thoughts and desires?

    Good topic. Thanks for opening up the discussion.

    Love, Scully

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Grits, all your scripture citing is well and good, but let me ask you, have you ever had any personal discussions with people who have been victims of pedophilia? If not, try it. One of the first barriers your going to come across is 'mistrust'. I don't want to mention the other hurdles that your going to be faced with. All the scripture citing (at least for me) goes in one ear and out the other. As much as you like to be of help, it is very, very, very difficult. You can't even begin to imagine how it affects the victims mind and life. Have you read some of the stories at silentlambs and other forums? Please do.

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  • patricia

    The article you posted about the Catholic Church was excellent. There are a lot of parallels with J.W.'s problems with child abuse and the "higher ground" the society takes when defending themselves. It's taken a lot of time for the Clergy to get the negative press and legal action that's happening now, and the WTS isn't far behind!

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Pat, it takes a lot of moxie and fortitude to do what silentlambs and others have done for sexual abused victims. Hats off to all these brave soldiers. They too have have been victimized for defending the defenseless.

    Guest 77

  • plmkrzy

    Here is a site that I will ONLY recommend for the purpose of exploration on the subject. I would not recommend this site nor any other site on the Internet for that matter as a source for "healing" regarding such a matter as this. I view them all as a red flag. However one can find a lot of information by reading up on the history and searching various sites for info and knowledge. It does help to see how really wide spread it really is and know you are by no means a lone victim. The feeling of isolation and being all-alone is the worst enemy when trying to heal.

  • plmkrzy

    GUEST 77: plmkrazy, when did I post, "Disciples of Sibyl?" I thought I posted, 'thehappyheretic.' Are you confusing me with someone else?

    The link you posted was a hypothetical of a cult in an attempt to compare it to the Catholic Church.

    However (as far as Im concerned) it wasnt anything more then another brush off of a more seriously overlooked fact that these are actually real and should not be used as hypotheses to compare to a church that has more followers then any other church in the world. It does more to minimize the problem then it does to help people see the real picture. IMHO.

    Sorry for sounding so snooty about it. My word processor has a low vocab.;)


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