Music To Die By....

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  • blondie

    Sorry, I read your post more carefully, HS.

    It's not a bad idea to plan your funeral for the sake of those friends and family who care for you.

    But, Farkel is right. As long as you have life, live it!

  • hillary_step
    I've always been fascinated by people who want to make their death and burial an event.

    Yes, as I say not an uncommonly imagined drama for us Mediterranean types. You now the type of thing, "lets go out for pasta, cappuccino and a good Actually I am not morose, in fact the last time I had a spontaneous feeling my wife noted it on the calendar, for 1997.

    Strangely enough, I crept back to my screen while listening to Prokofiev Sonata #6, Robert Cornman tinkling heavily, and thought of you. Do you still have your piano?



    remember him to be a tight-fisted asshole.

    What I can say is I am not tight-fisted, but as for the

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  • Farkel

    rehi HS,

    : . Do you still have your piano?

    Yes. I cannot afford a decent sound-card just yet, or I would have already put a whole bunch of my music up on the net.

    Dead-in-the-water for a lousy 65 bucks. I have everything else, though: sequencing software and midi-cables, plus a killer keyboard. I will be able to convert all my music to MP3 format when I get a sound card that is compatible with my Cakewalk 2000 software.


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  • hillary_step


    What sound card do you need? I will send you one along. Let me know your new address.

    Best - HS

  • sunshineToo

    I haven't thought of the music for my funeral yet. But it certainly would not be Prokofiev Piano Sonata No.6 or even No.7. I think they are going to make people too excited.

  • hillary_step

    I once went to the funeral of a well know actor in the late 70's. He chose as his memorial song, "Knee's Up Muvver Brown', sung by the patrons at his local

    Went down a treat - HS

  • LyinEyes

    I havent really made out my funeral music yet. But I am not sure I would play anything with words , because of my children , unless I die an old lady and they are old enough to understand. I guess I always thought I would die young, weird I just thought of that.

    I do have some song written down to leave for my kids, if I pass,two in particular to express how I feel about them and how I want them to remember about me.

    One is "You were always on my mind" song by Elvis and Willie Nelson, my kids would understand why I love this song.

    I would dedicate the song " I hope you Dance", by LeeAnne Womack, because I would want them to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, and never regret not going after their dreams.

    If I were sick and dying , and only had hours to live, the music would have to be the Rhapsody.... just hearing that music makes me think of angels and heaven. Even thou I am not sure there is such a place. I watched the movie" Somewhere in Time" and the whole soundtrack is wonderful. If you have seen the movie, the last scene, is what I would like to invision as I pass on. Peaceful and beautiful.

  • LDH

    ((((((((((HILLARY)))))))))))) ((Farkel))


    while on vacation this past week, I decided I am ok with the death thing. I don't want to die, but I'm ok with it when it happens.

    I was thinking about the bill of goods the WBTS sold all of us, the one that says we would never die if we do the right thing (according the the WBTS). What a crock of shit. All human beings die.

    I find that I have to make a concerted effort on a daily basis to make my actions relavant to the REST of my life.

    There is no Prince Charming, there is no House on the Hill, there is no "Joyful Noise" to be made when I survive "Armeggeddon" (TM by WBTS)

    As for my funeral, somebody please Kre-mate me. After you remove EVERY last god-damned organ that can be used by other human beings on this planet.

    As for my funeral dirge, I was thinking of "Take this job and SHOVE IT."


  • hillary_step


    I will take your heart anyday. If I still have mine, I will put yours on my mantle ready for a rapid replacement. If the WTS was correct about inherited personality traits being transferred with a heart transplant ( probably one of their craziest descents into psuedo-science ever ) well, all I can say is that together we would make a very interesting

    As ever kindest regards - HS

  • Englishman

    I have requested 2 songs at my funeral. For my youthful days now gone I have elected for Tom Paxtons "Ramblin' Boy", because most people who really know me know as a "man who was a friend always".

    My second choice is Va Pensiero, OK it's popular, but I could listen to Verdi for ever and a day. Really I would prefer "Amami Alfredo" but that would be totally inappropriate.


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