interesting point in wt study 2 weeks ago...

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    Yes, how ludicrous. They will admit to past disciplining even admitting in the "Revelation' book that God's spirit was removed from them as an Organization for a period of time. but they will only admit to this in retrospect. Somehow, God only disciplines them in the past tense.


  • Farkel


    : I am not aware of any other religion who's entire body of directors were put in prison and their headquarters closed. This compromise and loss of the ability to advance the interests of the kingdom was certainly quite the achievement. All accomplished during the time of inspection by Jesus.

    The Bible did not explicitly say that Jesus was very smart or even that his eyes were all that good when he was doing his inspection. My observations are Bible-Based.

    : They discarded The Finished Mystery book 80 years ago or so and now alternative military service is the norm.

    The Finished Mystery book served its purpose and it was Jehovah's Will for it to be published and distributed when it was. With regards to the alternative military service flip-flop, well, Jehovah was just testing people, including ME who was indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced for refusing it. How do I know this? I know this because that is EXACTLY what my mother said when I brought the same thing up. Would my mother lie to her own son?

    When I asked her why Jehovah let his chosen organization teach LIES to "test" people like me, she said I was "just bitter." I found her argument quite rational, compelling and sticking with the facts. Don't you?

    : So if cutting some pages was a sin, they must really be sinning now, they have cut out the whole book. And now they do alternative service with impunity and have even joined the United Nations as a non-governmental organization.

    Gary, Gary, Gary: just "wait on Jehovah." Jehovah will someday, somehow fix things that his only chosen people in these most critical times have totally screwed up. After all, they're "just imperfect men" who claim God-like status. How can you be so harsh on these humble people in these "critical times" when their cash--flow is suffering?

    There is no worse sin than kicking a multi-national murderous Religious Printing Conglomorate which claims to be God's ONLY spokesman when they're down.


  • Jigrigger


    No doubt most dubs will buy it, but the whole world can see how progressively ludicrous their thinking becomes. If you believe that "Jehovah" is using his "Holy Spirit" to direct his earthly organization, which is what the JWs have been told decade after decade in Society publications, then you can't possibly believe that he is so impotent that he can't stop insane policies from lasting for years needlessly only to be suddenly reversed - and in the case of organ transplant doctrine which produced a DOUBLE flip-flop. Is that what you call "Meat in DUE season? There are lots of examples where changes certainly didn't come about in DUE season; alternative service, blood fractions, organ transplants, vaccinations. Now, if policy regarding pedophiles results in "New LIght", that'll be another example of needed changes that arrived WAY TOO LATE to be of any good to those that have already been victimized. Not very TIMELY for an organization that claims to be spirit directed.


  • garybuss

    Farkel, did you do time in prison?

    you wrote:

    When I asked her why Jehovah let his chosen organization teach LIES to "test" people like me, she said I was "just bitter." I found her argument quite rational, compelling and sticking with the facts. Don't you?

    Oh yes! I guess you have found areas where you and your mother can not converse. If roles were reversed between me and my mother, I wonder how I would respond. She is old and sick and all she told me as a child has not happened. Her directions to me were in error and all her own expectations have not been met either.

    She was going to be a Jonadab and be whisked into the new world to never get old or have to face illness and death and here she is old and facing illness and death and her son has departed from the direction she has wished for him and now he is trying to subvert her remaining faith just like she was warned so many times. Faith that has been reduced by countless disappointments to excuses and justifications and defences. She can not afford to question it all now. The time for questions for her has past. All she has now is the organization and her loyalty to it and her trust they are right and now she dreams of the resurrection and who she will see again. It's all like a dream and sons who question the organization are dead anyway so they are easy to forget.


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    interesting point in wt study 2 weeks ago

    Really?????? As often as that!

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    Surferdude, welcome to the board.

    My family and I moved to "surf where the greed was great"! Keep surfing, dude.

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