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  • minimus

    ISP...I like your reasoning. This is pretty simple and is easy to comprehend...thanx

  • larc

    Why don't you ask people to read the scriptures and those before and after it. It is very clear that there is no mention of an organized group. It was advice to ALL people to be responsible, simple as that.

  • ISP

    Minimus..............When I was a dub.....I thought that there was more circumstantial evidence to suggest that JC would have appointed them much later than 1919...........with all the flip-flops, changes etc. Maybe 2001......!!!


  • minimus

    Larc, I've tried that and even challanged ones to "just read it in the Bible". I really do believe that if they could see how this view is so twisted they could see the fallacy of the WBTS.

  • minimus

    ISP< I like your NEW LITE.

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    Just ask this about these two verses:

    Matthew 23:10 says "Neither be called 'leaders,' for Your Leader is one, the Christ." so how many overall spiritual Leaders are to head up Jehovah's Witnesses? About 12, 144000, or 1?

    1 Timothy 2:5 says "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, a man, Christ Jesus" so which is true:

    A) we must look to a body of men between us?

    B) we must look only to God's son Jesus Christ?

    If they are honest these two verses show that the "Governing Body" men of the Watchtower Society and even any 144,000 "annointed" do not get between us and God but only Christ.

  • minimus

    They will say , Yes Jesus gave us the faithful slave.

  • JosephMalik


    Well for one thing, the Jerusalem Congregation on which this GB was patterned was not faithful. It was dominated by James and many apostles who kept the LAW covenant. The apostle Paul who made two visits to Jerusalem for the express purpose of correcting them was nearly killed by James who demanded Paul take vows once again in the temple.

    Only the Master can identify this slave as faithful or evil. So the slave is simply disciples good or bad living together in the world represented by all the churches in existence. The identification and judgment of them will not be done until He comes again. Since this has not yet occurred, their claim to be such is false. It is that simple.


  • nancee park
    nancee park

    Christ himself is "the MOST" faithful and discreet slave. Those who act most like him, that is who are truly Christian, might be reasoned as a broader faithful, discreet slave but Christ himself is the MOST faithful discreet slave. So, is protecting child molestors following that slave? Is secretly affiliating with the U.N. while denouncing it hypocritical or in line with THAT slave?

  • J_Dubble_Agent_007


    Are you sayin that the faiful and diskreet slaiv tork outta their CHOCOLATE STARFISH?

    I guess you're right!

    They do tork outta their CHOCOLATE STARFISH!


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