I'm starting to worry......

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  • SYN

    There are so many cool friends on this site, and there is just such a sheer NUMBER of people here, you can virtually always find someone to chat with...that's what I love about JWD!


  • onacruse

    Hey! Just because the first thing I do when I wake up is come to this site, just because I'm in chat while cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner, just because I stay on board until I have only 3 hours of sleep before going to work, just because I feel like this is my one and only e-family......



  • DJ


    Done the dinner thing.....my son needs a bath.....too bad....this is bad.

    Onacruse is in "DENIAL"................that's it! Remember now Grits! Oh yea, and I forget my husband's name?????????????? It is a great place for communing...lol and healing etc. I am glad that Simon did some 'weeding' This place should be welcoming to newbies, don't ya think? I am sooooo tired too Cruse! The only reason I was not here last night is because we had a major thunderstorm and it knocked our power out all night long. Thank God for small wonders, eh?

    I'm really starting to worry though. This is addictive and I don't do well with addictions........I hope it runs it course only a little longer or else I'm gonna gain 50 lbs., get a divorce and my children will be awarded the state for negligence........oh yea, and Syn, I've been pondering....what in the heck is IRCS speak?? I honestly haven't a clue............dj

  • abbagail

    ROFLOL! to Onacruse! You said it very well, and with humor! Teehee! I wonder, though, HOW can you be online and Cooking at the same time??? Do you have a computer in the kitchen? I'm deeply impressed, to say the least! :-)

    Same to you, DJ! Die laughing at your latest post: can't even remember your husband's name! your boy needs a bath! the only thing that kept you off the net was a thunderstorm and power-outage! (I can relate to that being in the lightning capital of the world). If you gain 50 lbs, I will have smoked myself into the Emphysema Ward. (Ditto on the addictions comment). Think I'd rather be chubby, but I know what you mean, that if this doesn't lighten up soon, what will become of my bare cupboards and car needing an oil change, etc. etc. Well, I got the mail last night at least, and a pretty good snooze earlier.

    As far as newbies, YES YES YES! They SHOULD be welcomed WARMLY and not attacked, criticized, etc. Last Fall (same time I found SIlent Lambs), I visited here, and was so horrified at some poor innocent girl who had posted her innocent thoughts, and the backlash she got just freaked me out. I went away from here and did not come back until after Dateline when I finally signed up to post. I did spend a short while at Kent's forum, and I had nothing against it, except it was so much slower than here, and I was getting "lonely" so I came back over here and there were like zillions of posts and things to read, 24/7 (like SYN said above). And I've been here ever since. Just the other day, a new young lady posted, and it was her first post I think, and she asked a sincere Q about oral sex. And she got blasted as being a fake, etc. etc. Again I was shocked. She had to defend herself and explain why she asked. Fortunately, the person apologized finally who had jumped all over her, but still.... Why does it have to be that way??? I have never done an official introduction for myself either. I'm not the kind of person who walks into a room of crowded people and goes around saying, "Hello! I'm here now, and here's my story! Everybody listen up!!!!!" I just started posting here and there on things that really touched me, and more and more over time I am letting the "true me" be known via my comments.

    I missed the recent brouhaha re: some people leaving. I tried to catch up on the threads but there were more than I could cover. Were there certain "old timers" who tended to pounce on the newbies more than others?

    Thanks everyone for all of the "True Confessions" comments!

    Last one to get to bed tonight is a rotten egg!

    First one up in the morning and back online wins the golden goose!


    Edited to correct spelling errors!

    Edited by - Grits on 25 August 2002 23:8:13

  • DJ

    LOL @ grits........oh and thanks for teaching me the correct spelling of brouhaha! too funny to see that word in writing. My husband went to bed w/o saying Goodnight...yikes ....I must be getting on his nerves.....or not on his nerves enough...I did pass him in the hallway.......He ordered pizza for dinner.lol...and he even gave Michael a bath!!!!!! What a guy!

    Tomorrow I will not be home ...thank goodness....i am sooo addicted...this is not good.....love,dj

  • abbagail


    Brouhaha -- sounds like the name of a German beer. [:-)]

    I wasn't even sure I had spelled it correctly, as I was too lazy to look it up. I did just now to make sure, and yes, correct spelling. Even funnier is the definition, which well describes some of the threads at this forum: "An uproar; a hubbub. A condition of intense public interest or excitement, sensation, stir." -- LOL!

    Yes, sounds like a great hubbie you got there. Maybe it's time to go and really get on his nerves! (the "fun" nerves, that is!)

    Did I hear pizza? Mmmmm, pizza would be great right about now.

    I keep waiting for something to happen to force me to switch course for awhile. I thought I would be buying a bunch of the aposto books and start reading hard-copy for a change. Haven't done it yet.

    Again, seriously, I agree with you: "This is not good." Had been somewhat fretting about that myself before I ever saw your original post. Maybe we should all practice 'Shunning Each Other" and see if that will work as a "withdrawal" tactic? (Watch out for the DT's!)

    Have a GREAT day AWAY from this place tomorrow!


  • Simon

    I agree with you GRITS about us having to do better when newbies start posting as to many, especially those leaving the WTS or starting to question, posting on an online forum on the internet is a big frightening step!

    The reason for people being less than friendly is usually because we have had people in the past who have turned out not to be genuine and perhaps the opening posts have been similar. I do check myself if this is the case when I notice someone posting new topics that don't seem from a 'new' person.

    In the end though, I don't care if I get taken in and will give the next person the same chance and the person after that and so on.

    If people do turn out to be trolling then some of the dicussions are valid none the less.

  • DJ


    I just luvs ya!!!!!!!!! You are a great person for doing this work!! DJ

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