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  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Born, raised, and brainwashed in it. Baptised at 17 and left at 44. That was a whole other lifetime ago!


  • Mimilly

    I was 17 years old with a brand new baby girl who had travelled to a brand new country 5000 miles away from my Mom that didn't speak English to be with new husband who was gone 3/4 of the first year due to military exercises. (wow! can we all say 'sitting duck' here?!)

    Two sweet gals came knocking on my door and heck, I still remember her - Sabine - she eventually went to the Ivory Coast even though she only had one kidney. Anyway... due the the fact that I already disliked holidays due to my father, it intrigued me when they told me to get my own encyclopaedia and read up on it. I was amazed, really. I started to study.

    I should've known something was wrong when I had my second child. Due to the doctor telling me I was having another C-section, I said "tie them while yer in there cos I'm not going through THIS again'. (c-section thing) The elders got quite upset and I was only approaching baptism, not having done the questions yet.

    When they heard we had been posted back to Canada - they wanted to make sure I was baptized before I left Germany, just to make sure - and so I was, at a German assembly, with German questions (they asked the questions in English just for me) sigh. They also made sure someone was waiting for us at both stops on our way home - in Trenton, Ontario and in Oromocto, where the 'troof about the truth' would eventually sink in.

    That congregation, in Lahr, looking back, was quite wonderful. We often went on picnics, which was great with the german countryside. I don't doubt things have changed there, as the Canadians no longer are there (on the base). But I often think of Sabine. She was one of those very soft personalities and she wasn't in good health. Last I heard she had left the Ivory Coast and was at Bethel.

    Really, when one thinks about it - what BETTER way to spread 'the good news' than to get military folks involved. They're moving all over creation anyway.

    My story - stickin to it, cos it's the truth


  • minimus

    "I would not say being raised as a JW is any excuse".....Amazing,,,excuse for what? For how you came into"the truth"? I didn't ask about the present. Now whether some of us are still Witnesses now, well, there might not be any excuse for you care to clarify I'm all ears.

  • ISP

    I lurked on H2o for a good wife did also.....I was also on It wasn't easy but we got there in the end.


  • Carmel

    Suckled at the sour breast of hypocracy. Started asking questions at 8 or 9. Baptized at 12, walked away at 14, Df'd at 15 as a disruption to the congregation. Life begins at "you fill in your departure age"!


  • Mary

    How? According to the hospital records, screaming and crying like all the other babies..............

  • StinkyPantz

    Born and raised. . baptised at 13, df'd at 22. . . .

  • mommy1

    just a baby when mom and dad started. Baptized at 15, and disfellowshipped at 17.

  • Scarlet

    Born and raised. Baptized 13 left at 22.

  • minimus

    wow! lots of young kids getting baptized only to leave or get disfellowshipped a few yrs. later.

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