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  • blondie

    Raised in a witness family? No choice? There's always a choice, albeit some times a painful one. Emotional blackmail is hard to deal with and at a time a young person is still dependent on their parents financially. I personally abhor baptism of people under the age of 18. So many seemingly less important decision (marriage, driving, getting a job, contracts, etc.) require your parents' permission. So wait, and wait some more. Don't let your parents or the elders pressure you.

    I have noticed that JWs focus on getting at people when la oved one has died, or lost a job, have serious health problems or family problems, are concerned about current events. Or promise true friends at the KH. This is one aspect of a cult I can see demonstrated here.

    I knew a man who studied, came to the meetings, made progress, was baptized. He said as soon as he came up out of the water, the elders no longer had time for him. Then after about 6 months, they were his friends again because they wanted him to do things around the KH. How many ex-brothers (or brothers) found that when they stepped aside from the elder/MS duties that their contact with the brothers dropped dramatically?

    It's all emotional blackmail.

  • Prisca

    Born and raised. Baptised at 19, left at 30.

  • Tinkerbell4125

    I was raised in it.

    Why do you think I'm socially retarded! =;o)

  • lv4fer

    My husband was raised around the truth, never really did anything with it. But thought it was the truth. We got married, had our son. I wanted to start going to church. I felt it was important to raise my children with a strong belief in God. I was raised an Episcopalian. So when they came to my door my husband encouraged me to study with them so I could learn for myself why it was the truth. I really didn't have any real knowledge of the bible. What they showed me sounded so appealing and they could always back it up with a scripture. I fell for it. Now my husband and kids are out thank the Lord, but it is not an easy process.

  • joeshmoe

    Born and raised. baptized at 15, out at 27 and trying desperately to get back to school and pretend the last 12 yrs never happened!

    LOL @ Tinkerbell, you and me both

  • Valis

    Born and raised. Baptised at 14, left at 17.


    District Overbeer

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I left the JWs


    My abusive mother joined up when I was 11 and used the religion as a further excuse to abuse her kids

  • DJ

    I started being indocrinated at the age of 12. Dismissed the teachings as a teeenager. Went back to it as a young mother. Found out the truth about it at age 36. DJ

  • Blueblades

    Once upon a time in a far distant neighborhood there was this small green covered book on top of my mailbox."THINGS IN WHICH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO LIE."SOOOOO,thats when it began.ONCE UPON A TIME,knock,knock,knock,ring, ring,ring,HI!, they said to my wife,45minutes later still at the door wife calls me.BTW, where was i those 45 minutes you might ask.ENGROSSED in the american past time,BASEBALL.once upon a time they placed into my hand the"BLUE BOMB".The truth that leads to eternal life.Later,the wt.publications index 1930-1985 and 1986 to the present,lists over 200 titles of books most of which i have read,in the 33years since "ONCE UPON A TIME,in a far distant neighhood there was this small green covered book on top of my mailbox."THINGS IN WHICH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO LIE."In hindsight it should of been entitled "THINGS IN WHICH THE WTBTS.HAS LIED."Details of the past 33 yrs.will be told later,to be continued.BLUEBLADES


    WHEN ONE IS A MERE 5 yrs old you have no choice but to tag along with your MOMMY dear sweet lady that she was !!!

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