The Final Solution...

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  • You Know
    You Know


    You Know, you very rarely answer me - I wonder why.

    Because you ask stupid questions. / You Know

  • ballistic

    Questions you find difficult to answer then.

  • You Know
    You Know

    No. Just stupid questions that don't need to be answered. / You Know

  • ballistic

    You know, why don't you join that other web site which I just finished reading. It has nothing of substance and appears to be written by kids with an average age of 16, a bit like some of your posts.

  • Nowfree

    I used to wonder what would happen if there were too many people ressurected to live comfortably on the one planet, but I put it to the back of my mind thinking that "Jehovah will know what to do"!

    Crazy but I did! But that is what they ALL do, if there is a tough question, leave it to Jehovah. That way they NEVER use their own brains.

    As soon as you do start using your brain and thinking for yourself, you have to leave the religion or your conscience will drive you insane.


  • queer_reality

    I was raised in it. I did not like the idea of all those bodies. I was always bothered that god would permenantly kill little babies just because their parents were bad. I was taught that *everyone* would have a chance to hear gods' word before the end. Those who did not heed gods' word would die. It was presented as a natural consequence -- cause and effect. If someone tells you to get off the train track because a train is coming, and you choose to ignore the warning, well, the train comes and you die. It's not the trains' fault.

    This explaination was tolerable until I got to be about 15 yrs. old. I finally got to know a <gasp> "worldly" person. She wasn't evil. And she did not even believe in god, much less jw doctrine. She *did* have an idea for a utopian society based on chocolate. Why would a loving, all-knowing god kill her? Besides, I liked her utopia idea much better than the jw paradise. We're still friends.


    Hey happysunshine,surrounded by 6 billion dead people on your first day of paradise,is not paradise.You can take solice in the fact WBTS prophicies are as accurate as YK`s,neither have been right yet...OUTLAW

  • Kingpawn


    I was always bothered that god would permenantly kill little babies just because their parents were bad.

    This one I do remember. I was told that children below the age of reason would be spared.


    So what is the WBTS's belief on who these earthly helpers would be? Got me curious. Thanks.

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