The Final Solution...

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  • happysunshine

    How could anyone feel good about a paradise built on the bodies of 6,000,000,000 massacred people? How could you join this religion and feel like you are doing "the right thing", be happy about such a paradise, rejoice in its righteousness, goodness, and wholesomeness? I can understand being raised (forced) in it, but joining it?! Personal experiences/comments please!

  • SYN

    Well, at least your garden would be well fertilized by all the decomposing bodies. Alternatively, if you believe the Tower, your garden wouldn't be well fertilized, but the birds would certainly be very well fed for some time...

  • Simon

    ... then the fertilizer would 'fall form the sky'

    Maybe the pictures of people in the new system do not show enough bird poop on people's heads or anough flies?

    Good points happysunshine. Sounds like the ultimate evil rather than a loving God. How many of those would be children or people aho have never heard the WTS's message.

    Even here, in the western world, most people do not know what the JWs believe. Hardly surprising when it has changed so often and most JWs dont know what their current beliefs are!

  • Matty

    When I was little I had a vivid imagination, and I was horrified at the thought of all those dead people after Armageddon. The concentration camp type imagery, with piles of corpses lying around, was certainly very strong in my mind. Do you think that witness children think more about the new system and the problems that would come up than adults do? Anyway, I was always told by grown-ups that Jehovah was a loving God, and that the bodies would simply disappear, like when people are transported in Star Trek!

    That was my parent's stock answer anyway, was it the WTS's? I think they like to distance themselves from this kind of speculation.

  • cellomould

    There is ample evidence against god ever having destroyed anyone anywhere on this planet for supposed wrongs...which puts future destruction at the level of distinct impossibility.


  • ballistic

    Here's a graph I did with accurate population figures showing what has happened to the population since the Watchtower society began.

    There are several interesting concllusions hat can be drawn from this but just to say for purposes of this thread, the headline could read:

    Witnesses: Every day Jehovah kills 273972 babies. How many have you saved?

  • Cicatrix

    Because when I joined at the age of 19, the death of millions at armageddon seemed more humane than them roasting in hell for eternity,as I had been taught was going to happen in all of my previous religions.

    Now I don't believe either story, which is why I sent my DA letters out today:)

  • Kingpawn


    I wasn't aware there were around 1.5 billion people alive in 1000 A.D. Is that the known world or total population? I'd figure not all nations would do a census.

    I'd imagine brown is a pretty appropriate color in the WBTS's opinion. And they are the thin line on top of this sludge known as worldly people. Of course if they'd done the graph the top line would be gold.

    Coming back to the question of what made one join, at the time I was unemployed, living alone, and had (for what reason I can't recall) begun meditating over religious questions. And then one day, along came a girl I went to school with (kinda had the hots for) wanting to do a study.

    I really didn't consider myself as "lonely" back then. I was on my own and liking it, not sure if I was dating steadily then or not. Maybe it was because it seemed new and exciting.

    Did the idea of all those people dying bother me? No. it never crossed my mind back then. I glibly assumed that was His right and if an honest effort had been made to reach them with the truth(c) then oh well.

    I look back on that now, typing this, and cringe in shame that I was such a good android.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Well a God who would set ravenous bears to eat a bunch of children for calling his prophet " baldy "..... a God like that is capable of anything.

  • ballistic

    Kingpawn, you are reading the graph slightly wrong. The stripe of colour is just put in to demark the difference in population since the Watchtower society began until now. If you look at 1000 AD and draw a line upwards to where it intersects the sloping line of the data, you will see the correct lower figure.

    Of course, people devote life times to studying populations. How they arrive at exact figures going back into the dark ages I don't know. But that is not really the point of my post.

    My main points is

    i. There are no NET lives "saved" by the witnesses since they began.

    ii The slaughter of worldly persons is now 4 to 5 times greater than if God had executed judgement when the Witnesses began

    iii The increase in Witnesses is decrease when compared to the general population growth

    iv The reserrection of dead ones will very soon (in maybe 10 years) be provable to be un-sustainable on one planet, as is allready suspected.

    v ....etc.

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