MS Rat,My Dad , Elder and Betrayal

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  • LyinEyes

    Most of you know about the story of the MS who ratted on WildTurkey and me for smoking at the club, he smoked one of my cigs and was there with his girlfriend (he is married).

    Well, I ran into him last night at the club and confronted him,, I asked him why he told on us, I just wanted to know, he said he didnt know why, he just felt pressured..I asked if he told on himself he said NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to slap him right there. He begged WildTurkey not to beat the shit out of him and then we found out even more things.

    Seems my own dad, is involved in this whole thing, he is a MS in another congregation from the rat and ours. Some how, not sure yet, my dad and our elder , get to this MS rat, to find out what we were doing.

    When they called us on the phone , this had already taken place, and my dad did not try once to call me and say what he heard , to try to save my soul one last time. I feel more than betrayed , I feel extream pain and almost murderous thoughts are running thru my head. Our elder has been warned to leave my dad out of all of my buisness and I don't know what is going on , what went on.

    Seems to me right now what I heard from the MS is that my dad and our elder were in on this together. For one thing an elder is not supposed to discuss judical matters with MS or even elders outside of his congregation. So when if I find this out to be true, I am writing letters to the WT and turn him in for slander , slandering , gossiping about me, even if it is my estranged dad. I want to sue ,, I just don't know the who story yet, and I am afraid this is going to get even messer. I want revenge ,,,,,,,,,,,, I left that organization, they had to hunt us down and my dad was all to willing to hand me over to the wolves, without even trying to help me.

    I don't want yall to think I am posting this for sympathy or anything, I am mad and I want to do what ever I can to destroy the WT. According to what I know, my dad, this elder and that ms rat, may lose all of their precious privledges before it is over. I am not sure how much they will take my word on things but there will be letters written and sent.

    I am posting this to tell you all, that the JW's , the whole WT , are evil. They need to be brought down, I am so sickened in my heart by this, part of me wants to let it go,,,,,,, my dad has turned on me before , but part of me wants to make them pay.

    I will keep you posted on what I find out the whole truth is about this story.

  • StinkyPantz


    I totally feel your pain! I was ratted out by my best friend of 15 years. She was doing the same sh*t I was but told on me! Then later she got caught or someone else turned her in but she told her mother that she got df'd for sticking up for me! Damn liar!

    I hate people that act like they are so goody when they aren't but still wanna rat you out!

    As for your father's actions I have no comment really because you are estranged; so I don't know the dynamics of your relationship. Nonetheless, that would seem like the ultimate betrayal. He could've given you a head's up. Of course that might mean he's "running ahead of Jehovah" <puke>

    Anyway, I'm sorry about your predicament, it even makes me mad and it happened to you!!!

    BTW: 1) You should've let WildTurkey beat his a** and, 2) did you ever tell the "rat"'s wife

  • Farkel

    Lyin Eyes,

    So, am I correct to assume you don't really miss the "Sweet Association(tm)" of "Jehovah's People(tm)?"


  • LyinEyes

    Oh I told the MS rat that he was not going to be a MS for long. I am goint to do this right and get all my proof and facts straight... and if all eles fails, I am calling the wife. Even if the elders do nothing, after all we are the d/a ones,,,,,,,, it will make her wonder where her dear sweet hubby is late at nights.


    I swear if my dad was Abraham, and Jehovah told him to sacrifice me , just like he did Issac, and if Jehovah intervened and told him no , dont do it., my dad would stab my in the heart anyway. I feel like that is exactly what he has done, I now consider him dead and he can consider me dead, he wanted it this way and his precious WT wanted it to. May they all have their eye balls eaten out by birds!!

    Can you tell I am a little pissed off????? LOL.... plotting my revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehehehheehhehe

  • Jourles


    Why not just take a picture of this MS when he is at the club along with his gf? That would be enough for me to $hit my pants if I were him!

  • LyinEyes

    I have some good plans in the works,,, you shall see.

    You know I really think that MS was a jerk and needs his butt kicked real bad. But what he did , did not hurt me as bad as what my dad and the elder ,our elder in our old congregation, 15 yrs there. They so easily threw us away, never even tried to see if we wanted help, or anything. I still would have d/a myself , but it sure would not be over smoking,. We did tell the elder the smoking was not the reason we wanted no part of the borg.

    You just think that your own dad , and a man, the elder you looked to for guidence, and I thought he was a fair man, could so easily turn on you.

    Just proves there is no love in the JW org/borg.

  • dmouse
    Can you tell I am a little pissed off?????

    Calm down LyinEyes! We know how you feel, really.

    We know.

    How many times I have wanted to put my fist through an elders/MS' face!

    But revenge is a dish best served cold...

  • SYN

    It is so sad that these terrible things have to happen to such great people. *hugs*

  • Larry

    This board is the place to vent - If you need to vent do it here.

    I never heard of this analogy, Can I quote you, I like it? "I swear if my dad was Abraham, and Jehovah told him to sacrifice me , just like he did Issac, and if Jehovah intervened and told him no , dont do it., my dad would stab my in the heart anyway."

    Yeah, that MS got some nerve - he even pisses me off! Can you post his picture?

    Of course the JW will twist the scripture when the J man said 'he came to cause division in the household.'

    If there is anything a JW male treasures the most it's his position - If you get that taken away from you stuck a powerful blow - Go for it.

    Peace and Security - LL

    PS - You going to the club tonight :)

  • Beck_Melbourne

    I have some good plans in the works,,, you shall see.

    YEEEHAAAAAAAA......nothing like an Apostate with a go get em tiger!!! are surrounded by orphans and childless couples here....many of us have lost our parents or children and grandchildren to that rotten organisation. They have taken your father from you...simply by taking over his mind and free will. Whatever you decide to do to hurt the WT...let me know....I would like to do the same thing.

    I must say though, the best way you can say to your father "take the TROOF and shove it" is to live a good happy....enjoy your babies and the ones around productive....and show them all that your lilfe has improved since you left.

    They don't deserve you Dede...who needs em. Come on over to the 'orphans' table and have a drink with me.


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