Is the death penalty effective in usa?

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  • sweetvampire

    so what is your view on all the inmates that were on death row and found to be innocent after the fact. this has happened several times in the past few months alone.

  • ThiChi


    Sorry, the numbers prove otherwise ...........Anyone can say it, but when examining all the information, your statement is just another false claim.

    After examining 42,500 criminal files in the nations 75 largest counties, Patrick Langan (BJS) concluded that there was no evidence"...that, in the places where blacks in the U. S. have most of their contacts with the judicial system, that (the) system treats them more harshly than whites." (John DiIulio, Jr.,"White Lies About Black Crime", The Public Interest, 1995. See concurring support within "Research on Sentencing", National Research Council, 1983.)

    while 74% of Georgia murderers were poor, only 38% of those on Georgias death row were poor (C.13).; (2) there is no consensus in statistical analysis which proves that wealthy capital murders are less likely to be executed than their poorer ilk. In fact, statistics indicate that wealthy capital murderers may be more likely to be executed. (C.13); (3) the majority of those on death row are white (NAACP LDF, 1996); (4) the majority of those executed are white (C.2); (5) since 1929, white murderers have been more likely to have been executed than black murderers (C.10); (6) "...white murderers, no matter who they kill, are more likely to get the death penalty than black murderers (11.1% to 7.3%). Furthermore, whites who kill whites are slightly more likely to be on death row than blacks who kill whites. Finally, whites who kill blacks are slightly more likely to be on death row than blacks who kill whites." (Jared Taylor, Paved With Good Intentions, 40-41,Carroll & Graf Pub.,1992; (7) whites are executed 15 months quicker than blacks ("Capital Punishment, 1995", BJS 1996); (8) Whites are executed at rates nearly 50% above their involvement in murder. Blacks are executed at rates 20% below their involvement in murder. (C.2); and finally, (9) Murderers are put to death, not based on the race or economic status of the victim or the murderer, but based upon death penalty statutes, the aggravated nature of and all specific circumstances of the crime, the criminal background of the murderer, and the other specific factors mandated by Supreme Court decisions. Since 1973, there is absolutely no credible evidence to support any other conclusion. Despicably, opponents cry "RACISM!" to further their agenda, knowing, full well, that such claims are false.


    You have proven that the system works. Again, please show proof that anyone was put to death in the USA wrongly.

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  • Larry

    I could go into the color issue but I'm not. My post mentioned the poverty connection, if you have a problem with that contact the ACLU. Being poor isn't synonmous with being 'Black.'

    I try not to debate - just a waste of time IMO. I don't need books or stats to tell me something is wrong with the system, my personal experience is good enough for me.

    In the grand scheme of things - Does it really matter what we believe? Unless we are going to do something about it, it's all relative.

    Now, let's find something we agree on :) I know - Crime doesn't pay - at lease for indigent defendants :)

    Peace and Security - LL

  • TR

    All B.S. aside, the death penalty does work when actually carried out. Perp dead, no more crime.

    IMHO, we need to shorten up the appeals process. If the the convict's case is overturned because of new evidense, so be it.


  • funkyderek
    I try not to debate - just a waste of time IMO. I don't need books or stats to tell me something is wrong with the system, my personal experience is good enough for me.

    Me neither. All statistics do is get in the way. From my personal experience, there's very little wrong with the system, crime is practically non-existent, death is rare and hunger is a thing of the past. Good-looking girls don't seem to like having sex, but apart from that everything is peachy

  • sweetvampire

    too bad we didn't just kill the guy when we had the chance?

  • Crazy151drinker

    Go Larry!

    No its not effective. It takes for ever, it costs a lot of money, and half the time they die waiting. Bring back the firing squad and shoot the lawyers!

    Even though its not effective, They should still keep it. I call it just rewards. They get what they are deserving. They have their rights, they have their lawyers, and they have their punishment.

    Fry them All!

    I dont care if its a detterent. They deserve to die. All those speed limits do not deter me from should they get rid of speed limits??? NO!

  • Crazy151drinker

    Also, I get tired of reading about Paroled Murderers who go out and kill again. If we would have shot them the first time the shit wouldnt happen.

  • Englishman

    Crazy51drinker makes the most honest statement that I have ever heard re the DP. Basically, bugger the logistics, bugger the costs for or against, lets have some vengeance here!

    I don't know if I agree or not but the arguments persuasive!


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    As far as a deterrant, yes and no. I believe it depends on the person. For those that have been deterred, how will we ever know for it to become a statistic?

    The Death Penalty alone seems like a very simple concept to me. There are laws made, that if broken, have consequences.

    If you brutally take someone's life from them and their family and friends, the law says you have to be prepared to forfeit your own. The decision isn't made by the state, the decision is made by that inidividual...who gambled with their own life by cold bloodedly deciding to take another's....the state is only carrying out that decision.

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