Is the death penalty effective in usa?

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  • haujobbz

    Im asking this because lately in the uk 2 girls were murdered that were only 12 yrs old and now 59% population of the uk want the death penalty reinstated.

    I assume you already have the death penalty in the usa, but do you think it is effective reducing 1st degree murder and potential child molesters,would you like to see the death penalty removed in the united states or not.

    I wonder if the death penalty will be reinstated in the uk what do you think, personally i dont think it will maybe the politicians are afraid they wont get as many votes.

  • Englishman

    I think that the likelihood of capital punishment being re-introduced into the UK is minimal.

    Although calls for its re-appearance usually increase after a particularly horrific murder, most of the population now have little memory of the days when hangings were fairly commonplace.

    I suspect that most people will have little stomach for the countdown to an execution. I recall that when hanging here was in vogue, we kids at school would stop for a minutes silence whenever an execution was being carried out. This was always at 9 am, usually Thursday was considered the best day.


  • Mary

    I think the death penalty might be a bit of a deterent, but the main thing is: it prevents these scumbags who commit these horrific acts against innocent children, from ever doing it again.

    Look at that swine who raped and killed Samantha Runnion. He had been tried for child molestation before, but because his scumbag lawyer (who's received countless death threats) tried every trick in the book to get him off scot-free, the jury fell for the lies and let him off. And now another little girl is dead.

    I think they need to have the death penality for child rape/murder. If child molestors saw other child molesters put to death for their sick acts, they might think twice before they try the same.

  • Simon

    I don't think it will ever be reinstated here either.

    People change like the wind and asking a poll after 2 children are abducted and murdered is not really a good judge.

    I don't think we have a good enough criminal justice system and record of safe convictions to warrant it although if there was no doubt (as opposed to proved beyond all reasonable doubt) and it was a horrific crime involving children then I think it should be an option.

    Extreme cases. Extreme punishment.

  • Englishman

    A lot of people aren't aware that the UK wont even extradite a US citizen back to the US if he's accused of murder because of CP.

    I'm normally anti-CP, but always waver whenever something like the Holly and Jessica business surfaces.


  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    Well, if the death penalty were an effective deterent to crime Texas would be the most crime free state in the union... which it isn't. I'm not saying that people who commit certain crimes don't deserve to die, surely some DO. But as Gandalf said to Frodo; "Many who live deserve death, some who die deserve life. Can YOU give it to them Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death and judgement, even the very wise cannot see all ends."

    Another thought; DNA evidence has in the recent past proven that a fair number of people, some on death row, are innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted.

    There are some societies where crime is very low. I believe many of them DO have a death penalty. However, I believe that the possibility of death has very little to do with the low crime rate. The key to the low rates is the fact that the socoeties are VERY homogenous. That is, they value conformity highly. In America we value freedom and independence, even rebelion... It is harder to get folks to agree on right and wrong in such a free society. I think there are ways to deter crime even so... but perhaps our greatest minds have not thought long enough about it.

    If the death penalty actually detered violent crime it might be worth it even though some who were innocent would surely be executed along with the guilty. It is a simple solution, really. And it satisfies peoples lust for vengence. But it doesn't affect crime statistics at all.


  • funkyderek
    I don't think we have a good enough criminal justice system and record of safe convictions to warrant it although if there was no doubt (as opposed to proved beyond all reasonable doubt) and it was a horrific crime involving children then I think it should be an option.

    So if there's some doubt, they should just spend the rest of their lives in prison?

  • roybatty

    I don't believe that the death penalty really deters crime but I still believe it should be used in certain cases. I doubt a criminal thinks "hey, I had better not kill these people because I could face the death penalty if I'm caught." However, I do think that the death penalty serves a few good purposes. First, we will never have to worry that an individual who commits such a horrible crime will ever see the light of day. Secondly, I believe it gives closure to the victom's family. And finally, I just believe that death is the ultimate penalty and in some cases this type of punishment fits the crime. For example, I view what happened in San Diego with the scum who kiddnaped that girl, raped and strangled her worse (and deserving of death) then, say, an incident of two men getting into a heated arguement and one shooting the other.

    But I have to admit one thing. The death penatly system in the US needs to be revamped. It's unbelievable how many individuals on death row have later been proven innocent by means of DNA evidence.

  • Amazing

    No puinishment, whether a fine for a traffic ticket or the death penalty for murder is ever intended to be a deterant ... for the only real deterance is prevention. Punishment is only intended to extract a sense of justice ... if someone takes $100 from you, then justice demands that they should either give it back, or lose something of equal value. Likewise, if a person kills someone else, they have stolen their right to life ... and since it is not possible to give back that life, then justice DEMANDS that they forfeit their own life. This is how I see the deqath penalty - as justice, not as a deterant or to scarre a criminal straight or reform criminals who have yet to commit murder ... just simple and pure justice.

    The only problem with the death penalty is in the case where mistakes are made - and unfortunately too many have been made where the innocent were executed, or at least it was not very certain that they were guilty. I believe in cases where there is absolute 100% certainty of guilt that the death penalty is most justified. The situation of Timothy McVeigh who prudly admitted guilt and showed no remorse, he certainly was properly tried and executed ... I feel the same about Osama bin Laden and his gang ... in other cases guilt is not always so clear and compelling ... and I suppose life in prison is the best ... or banishment to some remote island ...

  • gsx1138

    Sorry I can't find the statistics anymore. I sat in on a presentation of this very subject. While it makes us feel better, here in the U.S. States without the death penalty have lower crime rates. In fact it was found that some serial killers actually move to States with the death penalty to commit their crimes. Ted Bundy being one example. Personally, I'm for the death penalty but statistically it does nothing for crime. Sometimes you just have to kill a bastard.

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