Blood card is back

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  • Xena

    GUYS you don't actually STUDY those other books with people you just place them so you can call back....get your foot firmly wedged in their door and start a study with the CORRECT book! I can remember when they told us not to answer any questions that went outside what was written in the book..I was like what the heck????? *sigh* gotta fast track people to baptism before they realize what they are getting into!

  • meat pie
    meat pie

    The Health-care Advance Directive is not the same as the 'blood card'. I have one right here in front of me , another copy of mine is with my doctor and another with one of the witnesses to my signature. It took me two weeks to fill it out. It is also not the same thing as power of attorney. It is a detailed form of three pages with notes about exactly which products/procedures the person is prepared to accept.There is also a section on end-of-life decisions. Needless to say, the copy with the witness would now be ignored, and I really must contact my doctor to destroy his copy.

    There is also a note written on the blood card by anyone who has filled out one of these HCADs stating'I have also completed a Detailed Health-Care Advance Directive'

    Hope that clears it up.


  • dmouse

    Thanks meat pie, that's helpful.

  • MegaDude


    I've seen old literature pushed before. They just want to turn their old stockpile into as much cash as possible. I recall when they shipped us some books that were over 10 years or older and said this was our literature offer that month. The paper in the books was yellowed and brittle. That junk had been sitting around in some storage facility for God knows how long. I remember a number of the brothers and sisters being embarrased because they would have to offer shoddy looking literature. Money will always be the bottom line to the Watchtower.

  • Eric

    Hmmm, I see that the alternative offer for December is 'My Book of Bible Stories". And just is time for those last minute impulse buys for Christmas. Sheesh!


  • Sunspot


    Are you by any chance the Eric that used to post on H2O as "Firestarter"? I've been trying to find me privately if you'd prefer to, if you are the same one.....

    Annie, from upstate NY

  • LoyalLeon

    LT, the secrets in the km-E Us 10/02 are the following:

    Convention Release No. 1- 23 languages
    Convention Release No. 2- 17 languages

    Imagine anybody were to read this before attending their convention!


  • expatbrit
    Convention Release No. 1- 23 languages
    Convention Release No. 2- 17 languages

    Wow! awesome! *spontaneous orgasm*


  • NeonMadman
    Convention Release No. 1- 23 languages
    Convention Release No. 2- 17 languages

    That's how they list them in the KM now? They don't even give the titles anymore? What is this - national security? They're that afraid someone might find out before the convention what the releases are?

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