my introduction, hello!

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  • dmouse

    Yeah, welcome to the board JWbot!

  • ballistic

    Sounds like you've got it sorted! I wish I could go back to being 18 like you was and run my life on MY terms, and I know there are many here who "served" into old age and have now discovered the truth.

  • larc

    jw, it is nice to read your story. I am so glad that you "saw the light". I am sorry if I was harsh with you on another thread. So, what is your major in college? I am a male kind of person, but I know it is hard to go to college. I wish you the best.

  • Vivamus

    Welcome on board JWBot!

    I hope you will enjoy this place, it is quit addictive.


  • ugg

    a big welcome to will like it here....i sure do...

  • Prisca


    I was brought up in "the Truth" and saw many of the same things go on. Glad that you are now enjoying life - isn't it great to not have someone else making all the decisions for you?

  • AjaxMan


    Welcome to the board!

    Good luck and best wishes in your life.



  • Angharad

    Hi Jwbot

    Welcome to the board

  • outnfree

    Welcome to the Board, JWbot!

    My oldest daughter -- just starting college this fall -- could never understand why JW women put up with that subservient crap, either. When the brothers tried it on her, and I and another sister colluded with them, she began her exit at age 12!!! (never baptized, but no Daddy in "the truth") She just couldn't understand why the Service Overseer and the Service Committee could countermand the decision I and another sister had made that she would study with the sister rather than me. She wanted nothing to do with theocratic order, LOL.

    I am so proud of the woman she has become. You should be proud of yourself, too.


    Edited to say: Simon, when you move to Canada, I will invite you and Ang and the kids "down" to a SuperBowl party. Let's shoot for Feb 2006 when the SuperBowl comes to Detroit's Ford Field. )

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  • jwbot

    larc, thanks for the kind words :)

    I am going to be either a Mass Communication major or a New Media major, havn't decided yet ;) But I have plenty of time to figure these things out.

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