what did you miss in order to attend meetings?

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  • minimus

    the 3 stooges,every good tuesday and thursday night show,many once in a lifetime concerts,extra pay from work,family and friends because of stupid elder's meetings,sleep, meals and sex.

  • Quotes

    While in Middle School, I was in the Band (1st Trombone) -- no doubt because it was non-competitive, unlike sports. Now this school was serious about it's music program, and if my dad acknowledged that, maybe I would not have been allowed. Fortunately he never figured it out.

    The practices were:

    Monday 7:30AM to 8:30AM

    Wednesday 7:30AM to 8:30AM

    Thursday 6:30PM to 9:00PM UH OH!!!! Thursday nights were also.... BOOK STUDY NIGHT (and our home was privileged to be a Book Study location) from 7:30PM to 8:30PM

    So, for two years, I had to leave band practice 30 minutes into what was supposed to be a 2.5 hour session to go home for the Book Study. What a drag! What a waste! What an embarrassment to be the only one to bail out on my team! It was worse than standing in the hall during National Anthem, because in this case I was deserting the team.

    One Thursday per month I was permitted to stay for the entire band practice. Yes, sometimes my parents were dangerous rebels!

  • kekkodesu1991

    Oh, I didn't miss much on tele. There's nothing wholesome to be viewed on the tele anyways. The live sporting events cannot be compared to good talks that you get at meetings. Furthermore, the air is healthy in the kingdom hall than at all those smoky bars where u get to watch the games. Haha. Grow up ppl, the tv is not everything in life. :)

  • minimus

    HI 1991, YOU SO FUNNY!

  • blondie

    Star Trek TOS...the first year was fine. Then they switched it to a meeting night the next season. Boy, was I sick a lot on that night or had huge amounts of homework. You can tell how old I am (no VCRs then). My father wasn't a JW so he gave me permission to stay home and over-ruled my mother.

    Ranchette, I missed seeing the cartoons on Saturday morning. One Saturday, my mother had a long call on a lady and I watched cartoons in the family room with her kids and kept them quiet. Illness struck often on Saturday morning too.

    Even on evenings that have no meetings, I have stuff to do for work and school. So I tape my shows, and watch them later. I skip the commercials which saves time too. On the rare occasion I watch a show live, I have found myself trying to fast forward through the commercials.

    That's too bad, UglyDuckling. Half my family are JWs and they would never go to a meeting when such an event was impending (of course they are considered too independent by other JWs). My family (JW and nonJW) took turns sitting with my relatives at home and in the hospital when they were that bad. How sad to die alone!

    My grandmother's death. She died alone in the hospital while we were all at the Sunday meeting

  • Mary

    Star Trek
    Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman
    Charlie's Angels

    A Life.

  • bigfloppydog

    Alot of HAPPINESS.


    I know I'm telling my age. But I missed the white shadow because it was shown on the same night that we had the book study. And since the book study was at our house I couldn't even fake sick.Diamond

    Also Animaniacs (geat cartoon) because of field service.

  • zev

    i missed,

    a chance to at least try for something i should have been able to do as a child growing up.

    pursue a dream.

    and now, i'm to old, and its to late.

    but i can still dream

  • jack2

    Hey, interesting replies, thanks.....Tex, yes the first prime time Super Bowl, I remember it well....your story was great!

    UD that is sad indeed. Sorry to hear about it! :(

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