Words we no longer use

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  • sleepy

    What are some words and phrases we no longer use (except when writing here) that we used to use as witnesses.

    heres some,

    Theocratic, other crowd, this system of things, new order

  • Larry

    You'll find an entire list at:

    HYPERGLOSSARY of American English HackerTHEOCRATESE http://jehovah.to/glossary/index.html

    But here are a few -

    A day for a year

    Turn in your time

    Caring for the accounts

    Accurate knowledge



    Appointed elder

    Assignment slip

    Babylon the Great

    Peace and Security - LL

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  • gsx1138

    I try to say Jehovah but can't seem to stop laughing everytime I do.

    Field Service

    public reproof (sp)

    many more ubt most have been covered.

  • Matty

    I'm trying to give up calling people folk. You hear it all the time at the hall and in the publications. I've only recently realised that real folk, erm, people never use that word!

  • LuckyLucy

    I have been out for many many years..what do they say instead of "worldy people" now? And the others that where mentioned ..what do they say now in place of them?

  • writerpen


  • Larry

    Thanks Matt - I was seriously wondering was I use 'Folk(s)' all the time - Now I know.

    Peace and Security - LL

  • Quotes

    Here are a few with my Post-JW translations:

    JW ------------------------------------------------------ Post JW translation and/or definition

    field service ----------------------------------------- door knocking

    Jehovah ----------------------------------------------- Jahoobie

    Faithful and Discreet Slave ------------------- cult leaders

    The Society ---------------------------------------- the cult, the publishing corporation

    The Organziation -------------------------------- the cult, the publishing corp

    last Saturday in the month ------------------ yet another day to enjoy life

    blood transfusion ------------------------------- life saving medical procedure

    remnant, annointed --------------------------- old timers who think they are special

    spiritual food ------------------------------------- crap, books and magazines, propaganda, cult indoctrincation material

    unspiritual ---------------------------------------- fun stuff you now can enjoy, like art, culture, career, socializing

    worldly carreer ---------------------------------- doing what you want and making the most of it

    ministerial servant ---------------------------- low level cult official

    elder ----------------------------------------------- mid-level cult official

    Circuit Overseer ------------------------------ high-level cult official

    District Overseer ----------------------------- higher level cult official

    Zone Overseer -------------------------------- really high level cult official

    Bethel ------------------------------------------- The Compound

    bethelite ---------------------------------------- cult member privileged to live in THE COMPOUND

    Pioneer ----------------------------------------- more involved cult member, more cultish than basic members

    publisher --------------------------------------- cult follower

    roving mics ----------------------------------- tool used to permit cult followers to TESTIFY!!!!, forced labour

    prayer ------------------------------------------ pretentious attempt to talk to Jahoobie

    The World ------------------------------------ All art, culture, and 99.9% of the people, the cult has TARGETED FOR TERMINATION

    The United Nations ----------------------- Doing the best they can with the tools they've got... oh yeah, and they have a great library too!

    This Wicked System of Things ----- my friends and neighbours, my government, CIVILIZATION

    Gog of Magog ----------------------------- ???????????? There is a Magog in Ontario, Canada, if that helps ???!!!!

    Armageddon ------------------------------- Music album

    Wicked Spirits ---------------------------- figment of cult leader's imagination, boogey-man

    Brooklyn ----------------------------------- Borough of NYC, not as nice as Manhatten, nicer than Queens?

    Edited to add:

    apostate ---------------------------------- former member smart/lucky enough to escape the cult; ME

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  • The_Bad_Seed

    See Farkels post if you are heading that way...blah blah.


  • metatron

    The one that used to kill me was "young ones".

    This always reminded me of the Conehead sketch on Saturday Night Live,
    with Dan Ackroyd as Beldar.


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