Simon, I need to know ..........

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  • Swan

    Thank you Simon.

    For me this is a place of healing, for listening to others who have been JWs (and some who still are), for expressing one's thoughts about what we endured in the JW cult, and for trying to understand where other people are coming from, for finding validation for our feelings of anger, frustration, hurt, bitterness, grief, and loneliness. It is also a time for fun at times, and I have had much fun here. We sure can get crazy at times.

    I have deliberately kept out of much of the emotional turmoil that has occurred here recently. I am not taking anyone's side, because I think that taking sides is rather childish, IMHO, (no offense to anyone; I just feel that way, and I am very guilty of being childish in other areas of my life, believe me!), and gets in the way of the real purpose of this board (which I believe is for healing).

    So without taking sides, I want to express my thanks to you Simon. This is a wonderful place for healing, and I will try very hard to respect that.



  • Sentinel

    Tammy (((HUGS)))

    Thank you for your reply message to Simon. I feel exactly as you do, only I mistakenly tried to "insert" a post reply in a couple places to calm things down. It had the reverse affect, and hurt my feelings.

    I'm over that now, but still, as you say, this place has been a place of healing for me. I would hate to lose that.

    Love and Light,


  • Sentinel

    Syn, Outlaw, Dubla, Larc, Lilacs, Ozziepost, Big Tex....and anyone I may have missed.

    Thank you for your reply posts.

    Ozzie, you are a balanced poster, and I try to stay that way too. I just should have not "stood up" when I did, and so I probably deserved it when I was "shot down". I'm not taking it personally now, although it did sting at the time. It is my nature to be more of a sensitive/serious lady, and that makes me the individual that I am; but I also have a fun side in a descrete way and a crazy sense of humor.

    And, as you so wisely said, "Whoever the moderators are that assist and whatever they have or haven't deleted seems so insignificant to me when compared to the REAL ISSUE, the actions and control of the Borg and its victimization of the innocents."

    Big Tex, this place is sometimes like an open wound. People obviously are in different stages of "healing" after their JW experience. Some are still not free. I feel the way you do about taking what I need and leaving the rest. That is very good advice. I said it myself before, and then had a momentary lapse in judgement. I hope you will stay around here. Simon is very reasonable as you said.

    Don't Worry, Be Happy


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    Nope. I'm not going anywhere. It's a little bumpy right now, but to me that's no biggie. I hope you stick around too. Take care. See ya 'round . . . .

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