Your Mobile Phone 2:

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  • Princess

    Mine plays Ode to Joy.

    Ozzie, just wanted you to know that I always use the drive through lane at the bank when my kids are with me. I hate having to make them behave in a bank full of people who are glaring at us and there are too many bank robberies for me to feel safe taking my babies inside. No exceptions, they don't go in banks. Plus the last time I found Rhys on the phone to the customer service center and the tellers got mad. They are such fuddy duddies.


  • Crazy151drinker

    Mine is set for 'Charleston'. Ive downloaded some Mettalica songs but they sound like sh** on the phone so whats the point? Maybe these new G3 phones will sport some decent music abilities.

  • Francois

    Please to stand by.

    Pretty soon, you will be able to download just about any tune you want. Of course, there will be a nominal charge for it, but hey! if you want Supertramp's "Just a Little Bit" stand by. It's coming.


  • Joyzabel

    Can you believe that when my hubby was devoted he programmed his phone to the tune "We're JWs"

    LMAO @ his silliness *I'm embarrassed to admit I had to tell him the notes, doh!*


    ps edited because I forgot to sign my name!

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  • LittleToe

    Mine's set to vibrate, too. I've been caught out in too many meetings, so I gave up in the end.

  • ozziepost

    Drive through banks?????????????

    Bloody hell, what are they?

    Sounds like the USA has service. Here in Oz, you have to pay for the privilege of attending a bank. Like they're "open" occasionally.

    From what I saw of certain parts of Europe, the situation is the same there too.

    Drive through banks.......aaaahhhhhhhhh heaven!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Scarlet

    Mine plays William Tell

  • Princess

    Oh Ozzie, I'm so sorry! I had no idea you don't have the same luxuries we enjoy here. Every bank has an outside drive through lane or two or three or four. The teller is at the window and there is this tube you put your transaction in and it shoots through a vacuum to the teller who does her thing then shoots it back to you...with stickers for the kids. Fabulous! I just can't take my kids in a bank. Oh, and my bank has branches open seven days a week. Weekdays until 8pm. Heaven.

    We have drive thru Starbucks all over the place too. Now you can have a Frappuccino without ever leaving your car. YUM.

    You just have to visit and see for yourself.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    ATM, EFTPOS and BPAY Ozzie...that's the way to go these days...hassle free and SO convenient.

    As for mobile phones, I am due for an upgrade, my current phone is a panasonic...time for Nokia me this is what everyone seems to be raving about. I don't dig the new one with the FM radio...but if anyone can suggest a good phone deal, I'm all ears and eyes.


  • WildHorses

    What doesn't it play should be the question. LOL I even have jingle bells and take me out to the ball game. Turkey in the straw, Carmen, Hoki poki, La Traviati, We wish you a merry Christmas, and about ten others.

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